University of Turbat; Students are protesting the results of students held for alleged breaches of discipline | Pro IQRA News

University of Turbat;  Students are protesting the results of students held for alleged breaches of discipline

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The University of Turbat has withheld the results of some students for alleged breach of discipline. The students staged a peaceful protest against the disciplinary committee of the university withholding results and boycotted the classes. The students said that if the university administration is not committed to solving the problem, our action plan will be strict.

Saeed Baloch, a resident student of Turbat, said that the real problem of Turbat University is actually that when the active students exposed the corruption and other activities of the university administration, the university administration threatened them in the name of discipline. However, the students persevered in their stance. As a result, the administration withheld these students’ exam results. Because of this, students have adopted the path of peaceful protest and have regularly boycotted classes. After that, the administration has issued a notice to close the university itself to end the protest.

According to the University of Turbat, some students are constantly trying to destroy the academic environment of the University of Turbat. In recent years, these students have repeatedly blocked the university’s buses, closed the main gate of the university, and not allowed teachers, staff and other students to enter or exit the university, and even kicked the teachers out of the classrooms. disciplinary problems at the university. The university administration and teachers have repeatedly tried to convince these students not to spoil the academic environment of the university with unnecessary issues, but they have not listened to anyone.

According to the University of Turbat, the university teachers, especially the female staff, behaved in front of the main gate of the university and the protesters resorted to violence, damaging a vehicle. Therefore, to prevent further violent incidents, the university has been closed from May 5 until further notice. Students and parents will be informed of further developments.

According to the University of Turbat, last December the university decided to speak to the parents or guardians of these students. Out of 20 students, parents or guardians of 13 students came to the university and their case has been resolved, but instead of bringing their parents or guardians, 7 students continuously disturb the academic affairs of the university.

The students said they reject the claim of damaging the vehicle by the University of Turbat. Surveillance cameras have been installed nearby, from which it can be ascertained that the vehicle has not been damaged by the students or anyone else.

Bahot Chingiz, leader of Baloch Students Organization, Turbat Zone, said that students will not remain silent against such anti-education initiative. If the results of the students are not announced within 24 hours, the next course of action will be announced, which will also include the demand for dismissal of the students from the university, including the incompetent VCs who are ruining the institution. He said that BSO and BSO Pujaar have announced their full support for the students’ protest.

Yasir Bebgar, a student of University of Turbat, said that we are being harassed by the university administration for raising our voice for fundamental rights. He said if our results are not given we will boycott the classes or organize a hunger strike camp.

Other students said that students are being blackmailed into giving up their right by withholding the results. It should be remembered that the results of 7 students are still with the university administration, which are not given to the students, while the results of most of the students have been given to them.

The students said that one of the important points of the negotiations with the students in the protest camp in front of the main gate of the University of Turbat last month was that the students will not be provoked for violating discipline after the protest is over and the delegation from the University of Turbat. had accepted these points.

Khalid Waleed Safi, convener of All Parties Catch, said that Turbat University should solve the problems of students through negotiations, the announcement to close the university is an inappropriate action.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Balochistan Provincial Vice President Waris Dashti said the decision to close the University of Turbat should be withdrawn. Conscious people of Kech save Turbat University from destruction and waste valuable time of students and save future of students from destruction. All parties capture and play an important role in the current issue of civil society students, which will prove to be a positive process for the students and the University of Turbat.

Similarly, BSO Turbat zonal leader Karam Khan Baloch said that as a student leader I strongly condemn this behavior of the University of Turbat. This attitude of the University of Turbat is an anti-educational policy. It is the fundamental right of every student to protest and I support these students. If we need to form an alliance, we will form an alliance.

It should be noted that the BS Education 7th semester students have boycotted their classes completely and until the result of the active students of Turbat University is announced, the BS Education 7th semester students will boycott the classes at the main gate.The protest will continue.

Even before this, the students of the University of Turbat have protested against the university administration several times this year, held hunger strike camps, protest meetings, token strikes and closed the main gate of the University of Turbat.

It should be remembered that these earlier protests were held by the students to provide their basic rights, including lack of access to water, suspension of internet service, lack of food in the hostel, exorbitant fee hikes, electricity cut off and various other issues. A protest was made.

In the wake of the earlier protests, the university’s disciplinary committee had issued a notice on the day of the exam for breach of discipline.