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State-of-the-art traffic lights were inaugurated in Guwahati on Tuesday, August 23, last week.

For the first time, ChichiTV cameras have been added to these state-of-the-art traffic lights, which started at 20 points across the city. By expanding the control room, the people of Guwahati were let off by the Kamup Municipal Administration, which fined Bihar for violating the Traffic Light Act. It was hoped that if this system were implemented, at least to some extent, then vehicle violators would be caught.

But even in the past, vandalism by dump trucks continued on the highways of the Niš metropolis. The police or transport department did not allow this dump truck to break the newly installed modern traffic signals along the VIP road after six miles at Nisha Enedra on Monday. Behind a state-of-the-art traffic signal, this CCTV camera captured the scene of a dump truck breaking Nisha’s traffic light.

The number of the vehicle has not yet been established because it violated the traffic light signal on the dump truck by driving improperly.

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