UPSC Examinations – UPSC Results 2021: A total of 685 successful candidates, including 25 Muslim candidates, Areeba Noman got 109 rank – News18 Urdu Pi News

New Delhi: The results of Union Public Service Commission 2021 have been announced. In the final results, 685 candidates were successful, including 25 Muslim candidates. However, 29 candidates were successful last year. It is clear from this situation that this time the graph of success of Muslim candidates has been falling slightly. In all, 25 Muslim candidates won.

The highest ranking Muslim candidate was Areeba Noman, who got 109th rank. Muhammad Sabur Khan 125 and Syed Mustafa Hashmi 162 managed to get rank. In fact, out of the top 200 candidates, only 3 Muslim candidates were able to fly the flag of victory.
A total of 685 candidates were successful in the results of Union Public Service Commission 2021. The number of successful Muslim candidates included in these candidates was 25. 1. Areeba Noman 109, 2 Mohammad Saboor Khan 125, 3 Syed Mustafa Hashmi 162, 4 Afnan Abdul Samad 274, 5 Arshad Mohammad 276, 6 Mohammad Saqib Alam 279, 7 Israr Ahmad Kachlo 287, 8 Ashiq Ali PI 305, 9 Mohammad Abdul Rauf Sheikh 309, 10 Nazish Umar Ansari 344, 11 Faisal Khan 364, 12 Shumaila Chaudhry 368, 13 Mahosh Abdul Karim Tak 386, 14 Muhammad Qamaruddin Khan 414, 15 Muhammad Sabir 419, 16 Faisal Raza 441, 17 Masoom Raja Khan 457, 18 Asif A. 464, 19 Sania 467, 20 Tehseen Bano Dawadi 482, 21 Sheikh Mohammad Zeb Zakir 496, 22 Mohammad Siddique Sharif 516, 23 Mohammad Shaukat Azeem 545, 24 Makama Yom Hosni Mubarak 575, 25 Anwar Hussain 600.

In the year 2020, 29 Muslim candidates were successful

A total of 761 candidates were successful in the year 2020, out of which 29 were Muslim candidates. However, in the results of the Tribal Public Service Commission 2019, 44 Muslim candidates were successful. However, a total of 829 candidates were successful. However, in the UPSC results of 2018, a total of 759 candidates were successful, including 29 Muslim candidates. Also in the UPSC results of 2017, 990 candidates were successful, out of which 44 Muslim candidates were successful.
Combined with the coaching academy of Jamia Millia Islamia, 23 candidates have been successful. These candidates include 12 Muslim candidates.

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