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48 minutes Uijo runs across the face of the box so Gimenez flattens him completely with a very good tackle. I enjoy the way referees allow matches here – we can err on the side of laxity when it comes to allowing ball-winning challenges.

48 minutes He pulls his son left and tries to blink Caceres, who has no such thing.

47 minutes If this match were a draw, this set would become quite interesting, and I’m already wondering if we might see all four sides involved until the end.

46 minutes “The Flag Layers List Generator can definitely be used for this,” says Carwyn Morris. “There’s even a ‘community rank’ that puts Brazil ahead and South Korea in S class side by side… UK?! Obviously some national list-makers here.”

goodness me.

46 minutes We go again…

Our players are back.

Disaster strikes! “Korea is out of fried chicken!” Richard Prasad regrets. “I can’t find anywhere that takes orders…at least there’s still beer. The finals are over, when Ji-Sung Park was Korea’s mascot, when we listened to the Korean comment every time they say his name we drank it. I got messy.” Now listen to it in the commentary. They drink whenever they say Heung-Min Son’s name.”

How is park suspension? His comfortable trio with Tevez and Evra was one of my favorite things about 2000s football.

Yes, of course, Paul Heinz sends us the flag of Zheleznogorsk.

Flag of Zheleznogorsk
Photo: Internet

Half time email: “If you’re not already familiar with it, look up the Maryland state flag,” says John Powers. “It’s loud, it’s obnoxious, and they display it everywhere…”

Maryland flag
Photo: Internet

Half time reading: Brian McClair, Rockets snout, keeping time in football.

First half: Uruguay 0-0 South Korea

Another fun game – the added minute that tells us there’s a rhythm – no goals, but I’m sure we’ll get at least one at some point.

45 minutes There will be 1 minute added.

45 minutesNunez is up front now, which makes sense – he’s been lost on the wing and Suarez is no longer the one-man forward he was. And Nunez works at Inbeom, which runs to make sure the error is managed properly. Uruguay don’t make anything from a free kick.

44 minutes The angle is good, and Godin turns it into a great angle, jumping with the fury you would expect to hit a powerful header that confuses the base of the far goal! Oh man, that was dangerous behavior! But Uruguay will have to settle for another angle, which is coming now.

Kim Seung-gyu watches Godin's header hit the post.
Kim Seung-gyu watches Godin’s header hit the post. Photo: Pavel Golovkin/Associated Press

43 minutes Uruguay responded with Valverde, who found Pelistri, and crossed for Suarez, but Younghun put the ball back.

41 minutes “Here’s an angry Welshman,” says Matthew Fry. “e has the best flag, a dragon on it. I also like to put the county flags of Liberia, and they have a real ‘took me ten minutes on MS paint’ kind of charm. I think Maryland county is my favourite.”

Photo: Internet

40 minutes Jaeusung does a good inside-right run, looking to cross…and Godin is there to explain.

39 minutes More Korean takeovers, and then Inbeom decided he’d drilled his 30’s, securing the rear strut.

38 minutes Uruguay investigated, but Correa’s defensive spacing is really good and Vecnino eventually passes to touch. So far, they’ve only made it through Gimenez’s long passes – they must get the ball out to Pellistri, who has had very little of it so far.

36 minutes Uruguay defenders are causing trouble for their team. They keep falling too narrow or too wide, which also tells us that Korea’s wide players move really well.

34 minutes Arrrrrg it! Korea pin Uruguay inside their own penalty area and Moonhwan finds a great position down the right of the box, found by a fine pass from Inbeom. Cross is perfect, he chooses Uijo, who is waiting alone in the box; All he has to do is sweep into the far corner, but the eyes light up, the head snaps back and the ball goes over the top.

33 minutes “Joy sharing?” Emails Matt Donnie. “Richard Dawson’s new album, Robbie Cord, is a thing of sheer beauty. Late play for album of the year. I can’t stop playing. In related areas (and I realize I’m not the first person to make this point), is a strike partnership with greater potential for chaos Like Suarez and Nunez? The cool, the silly, everything in between, several times a match.”

go then. I think this is my bachelorette of the year.

32 minutes South Korea got wide with Jinsu, but his cross pass isn’t flat enough, so Sango has no chance of winning it in the air against Caceres.

31 minutes

Good beer there too.

31 minutes South Korea held it a bit, realizing that the balance of play had turned against them.

29 minutes “Balanced to talk of the flag,” says Jacques Paul, “the lack of love for the magnificent Seychelles flag is troubling. Rounding out the top five are Barbados, Brazil, Kenya and Bhutan. Bottom of the mound, Nepal. Get the double triangle flag here! “

I agree with Seychelles and Brazil, though respect Nepal for trying something different. I wish I could take pictures of them all, but there’s a game going on, I guess. I do it hard, and heartily recommend the baby placemats with a map of the world on one side and world flags on the other.

27 minutes Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oliveira takes it from Bentanacor to drive the Uruguayan counter, and they have a man! It’s Darwin Nunez! But with plenty of space and time to measure a pass, Oliveira loses the run himself, hitting his own overpasses when there was too much margin of error to stick a teammate on the goalkeeper.

26 minutes First serious flash, son. He swerves off the left, totally juggles Oliveira, and curls towards the far post, but Godín is right there to head wide.

Son Heung-min cracked into the goal.
Son Heung-min cracked into the goal. Photo: Maddie Meyer/Viva/Getty Images

25 minutes He takes aim at Gimenez, a phalanx of dead bodies jumps, the defender’s head darting past the corner that’s now coming.

24 minutes Uruguay is starting to prove itself, Valverde is in the lead. He was grabbed around his neck, but Wooyoung I think and will now stick the free kick into the box from 40 yards from outside….

23 minutes Admir Pajic says: “With all due respect to the pain your wife suffered during WC 2010, can we put the whole ‘Suarez robbed Ghana’ story in the trash? Suarez made a professional mistake to prevent an obvious goal. He didn’t hurt anyone. He didn’t even bite anyone!” He didn’t get away – he was given a red card that forced him to sit out during the World Cup semi-final match against the Netherlands The referee made a correct call to give Ghana a penalty Asamoah Gyan missed the score, but even that wasn’t the end for Ghana as they had a chance to win on penalties “The penalty shoot-out. They didn’t. Maradona against England in 1986, referee Byron Moreno against Italy in 2002 and referee Peter O’Leary against Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2014 got away with it without punishment. Suarez bided his time.”

I agree. The game tells you what happens if you do certain things, Suarez did one of them, and Ghana couldn’t punish him.

22 minutes Better than Uruguay, another great pass from Jimenez, this time to the right, allowing Pelistri to cushion a cross that Nunez, running, jumping and buffeting could not connect with. Suarez turns the ball over again, but Correa is clear.

19 minutes But then, out of nowhere, Jimenez unleashed a brilliant pass from halfway into the box, and Valverde jumped in to take control. But while trying to adjust his body advertisement, he finds a shooting lane, the defender steps in and the ball is delayed. It should have been a corner, but Clement appreciates the goalkeeper.

18 minutes Korea extends the play nicely here, and once again Sango keeps the show down right and they find it. After that, he could not find a good cross, but his team is currently the best.

17 minutes Another fine substitution, this time to the left, sees Gensu force forward from the left-back – Pellestri is slow to follow – but his poor first touch means he can’t get his foot around a cross before the ball races behind him.

15 minutes “Opposite names,” says Ina McCreath. “You better be Dennis Wise?”

Actually, I meant name and surname, as in Clement Turbin, but name and person? I enjoy Mark Noble, but Felipe Melo is my favorite.

The sign of choosing the noble nose Paul Pogba
Photograph: David Klein/Reuters

13 minutes The son whacks a lollipop at Pellistri, so Caceres extends a thigh for him to jump, without a miss. Then Uruguay steps forward, and Suarez makes a pass from left to center for the onrushing Vicino, but it’s coming over his shoulder and he can’t control, so Seunggyu collects it easily enough.

11 minutes “Uruguay is in my top five flags,” says Steve Brennan. “Only France, the most peaceful Republic of Venice, the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast and the Isle of Man.”

Mine off the top of my head: Uganda, Macedonia, Colombia, Italy and Ghana.

10 minutes A serious challenge from Valverde puts Uruguay away, but they can’t make the most of a throw deep inside Korea’s half and immediately after Korea’s spring. They couldn’t take any of this opportunity, but they didn’t get discouraged. Uruguay, meanwhile, is not playing the 4-4-2 you expected; Nunez on the left, Pellestri on the right, and Valverde in the middle.

8 minutes This time, Son went into the near corner, an Anderton kind of Sheringham effort, but again Núñez is there to mediate.


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