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PM Modi will participate in the Quad conference in Japan.

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Narendra Modi Japan Visit: On the first day of his visit on Monday, he will also attend the program of Indo Pacific Economic Framework being launched by America.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) have left for the Quad conference to be held in Japan late Sunday evening. During this there are going to participate in 23 programs. In this, on the first day of his visit on Monday, he was in America (United StatesIndo Pacific Economic Framework being launched byIPEF) will also participate in the program. Simultaneously he (Japan)Japan) will also meet some prominent businessmen.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone to Japan on the invitation given by the Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida. The Quad Conference is to be held on May 24 in Tokyo, Japan. Before that, IPEF will be launched on Monday by US President Joe Biden.

Many countries expected to join IPEF

To join the IPEF, countries like India, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are expected to join the talks. Although the US and other countries have not made any formal announcement regarding its membership. According to US officials, the IPEF will be a platform for the integration of the economies of the Indo-Pacific region.

Indo-US talks

At the same time, according to Indian officials, information has been given from the US regarding this initiative. In this regard, talks have also taken place between the officers of both the countries. Foreign Secretary Vinay Kawatra had also informed on Saturday that talks are going on regarding IPEF. He considers India’s economic cooperation very important in the Indo-Pacific region. This helps in developing economic partnership and capabilities.

PM Modi will meet the heads of many major companies

Apart from IPEF, PM Modi will also meet top officials of many companies in Japan. PM Modi will meet NEC Corporation Chairman Nobihiro Endo, Uniqlo CEO Tadashi Yenei, Suzuki Motor Corporation Advisor Osamu Suzuki and SoftBank Group Corporation Board Director Masayoshi Sun. Along with this, he will also meet major businessmen of Japan. He will also meet the Indian community in Japan.

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The economic system is IPEF

During this, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on Sunday outrightly rejected those things, which said that IPEF is a security system. In some reports, it was being linked to the security sector. But Sullivan says it is the economic system that focuses on further integration of the economies of the Indo-Pacific region, setting standards and rules.