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From Aldi to M&S and everywhere in between, most major supermarkets have their own Valentine’s Day menu.

Taking your special someone out for a meal on Valentine’s Day can be quite an expensive trip, and if living is still affecting UK households, eating out can be a daunting task.

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So, if you’re looking for an affordable alternative that won’t break the bank and allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home, I have the solution.

Ahead of the big day on Wednesday (February 14th), I went out in search of the best supermarket Valentine’s treats. And the good news is, I found the perfect one.


Northern Echo: Major supermarkets including Asda, Sainsburys, Aldi and Morrisons are offering Valentine's Day treats in 2024.Major supermarkets such as Asda, Sainsburys, Aldi and Morrisons are offering Valentine’s Day treats in 2024. (Photo: Patrick Glover)

Which supermarket has the best Valentine’s food deals?

While Asda and Sainsburys have their own Valentine’s meal deals for £12 and £15 respectively, I’ve chosen to look at Morrisons, M&S and Aldi to find the best options for you and yours this Valentine’s Day.


I am a loyal Aldi shopper and wouldn’t dream of doing my weekly shop anywhere else.

So when I heard that Aldi was launching its Valentine’s Day meal deal, I was excited.

But the first time they let me down.

What I had:

Starter: Tomato and Basil Arancini

Main: Wagyu British beef, red chilli rings and Asian-style sticky glaze

Side: Mini Garlic Pizza Bread

Dessert: Sweet chocolate cake

Beverage: Barossa Valley Shiraz

You can view the full range of Aldi Valentines meals on their website.

Northern Echo: I ranked Aldi's Valentine's Day meal deal last of the three things I tried.I ranked Aldi’s Valentine’s meal deal last of the three I tried. (Photo: Patrick Glover)

I felt that the selection available for Aldi’s Valentines meal deal was not up to the standard of other supermarkets, which is surprising when you consider that Aldi is the cheapest supermarket in the UK.

The starters were the best part for me with the Arancini balls. Like most Aldi treats they were lovely.

But the rest, while good, didn’t really impress me – and maybe it’s my fault in my choice, but I tried to keep things simple and economical, which didn’t work in the end (but we will) get to that in a minute ).

I love a good pizza and as always Aldi’s pizza didn’t let me down, but it seems a little plain compared to the other mainstream options on offer in other supermarkets.

The sides I thought were minimal because there aren’t many healthy alternatives outside of the veggie mix.

As for the desserts, the chocolate fudge brownie was good if not spectacular, and the others, including the melting bombe duo and raspberry and vanilla macarons, cost a bit more.

The red wine was nice, but at £7.49 it was a large part of the meal’s budget.

When it comes to prices – unlike other supermarkets that set a price that includes a starter, main, side, dessert and drink, Aldi has separate prices for each item.

This meant that the more extravagant you were with your food choices, the more you had to pay.

In total my meal cost £19.25, which is cheaper than M&S, but that doesn’t cover some of the fancier options.


M&S was middle of the road for me when it came to supermarket Valentine’s food deals.

It doesn’t offer the same value for money as Morrisons (which I’ll get to in a minute), but it’s better than Aldi (just barely).

When you consider you can get a decent starter, main, side, dessert and drink for £25 (again that’s £8 more than Morrisons and you get one side less) the food is a bit much for the price left to do. .

What I had:

Starter: Tempura vegetable fritters

Main: Mushroom stroganoff pie

Side: Green vegetable stew with cheese

Dessert: 2 caramel chocolate bars

Beverage: Mystery Bay sauvignon blanc (white wine)

Northern Echo: The M&S Valentines meal deal didn't offer great value for money in my opinion.The M&S Valentines meal deal didn’t offer great value for money in my opinion. (Photo: Patrick Glover)

You can view all the M&S Valentines meal options in store or via its website here.

While all the dishes were delicious, my wife and I both felt that the serving sizes were too small (especially when you consider the price).

The mushroom stroganoff pie was delicious and paired with the cheesy green vegetable casserole was wonderful.

Starters were tasty but again too small to share between two people. My wife and I had two small pastries that left us wanting more.

The Chocolate Caramel Casserole was good without being great.

As for the wine, I’m not a big white wine drinker, but my wife enjoyed the Mystery Bay sauvignon blanc.

So overall, a little disappointing for the price and what you get.

However, the M&S Valentines meal deal seems to be a popular option as they were all sold out when I first went to buy.

Northern Echo: The M&S Valentines meal deal seems to be a popular option as they were all sold out when I first went to buy one for myself.The M&S Valentines meal deal seems to be a popular option as they were all sold out when I first went to buy one for myself. (Photo: Patrick Glover)

The Morrisons

I don’t go to Morrisons very often, mainly because it’s not close to my house, but it’s worth the 15 minute trip down the road to get one from the supermarket chain for Valentine’s Day. Wow!

It was the best Valentine’s Day meal out of any of the big supermarkets and a perfect substitute for eating out.

First, it’s great value for money.

For £17 or £15 if you’re a Morrisons More member, you get a starter, two sides, main, dessert and a bottle of wine/four beers/soft drink.

The food options are not only small and cheap, but also good quality.

What I had:

Starter: French Camembert cheese with cherry pepper spread on the bread

Main: Lamb in red wine, repeat and rosemary sauce

Sides: Maris Piper Dauphinoise Potatoes and Rainbow Chantenay Carrots with Acacia Honey Butter.

Dessert: Gu Zillionaires Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Beverage: Marques de los Rios Rioja Crianza (red wine)

Northern Echo: Morrisons had the best Valentine's food in my opinion.Morrisons had the best Valentine’s food in my opinion. (Photo: Patrick Glover)

From starters to dessert and everything in between, we couldn’t fault the food.

The camembert cheese and bread we shared was a meal in itself, the lamb main with our choice of sides went really well together – so delicious.

Then, being the sweet tooths that we are, we knew exactly how delicious Gu Zillionaires dessert pots would be. And as usual, they were not disappointed.

Being Australian and a lover of wine, a good bottle of red is an essential part of any good meal.

I haven’t had a lot of Rioja before (I’m more of a Shiraz drinker myself), but I can say that I’ll be drinking it again from now on. A great, drinkable bottle of red.

If none of these options appeal to you, there are many other alternatives which can be viewed in store or on the Morrisons website.


My verdict is on which Valentine’s dish to choose

So if you’re looking for a cheap meal to treat yourself and your significant other this Valentine’s Day, I think the only place to consider is Morrisons.

Great value for money, food and drinks are excellent, what more could you want.

This is a food deal that’s sure to add some cupcakes to you this Valentine’s Day.


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