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Van’t Schip would be a new pastor

The directive of the Sacred Herd has already been decided

The name of John Van’t Schip sounds again inside Chivas. And he does it very insistently.

Of course, although the Dutchman is an option to join the rojiblanco club again, the reality is that he is not the only option that the board of the Sacred Herd has either.

Various sources confirmed to the ESPN network the fact that John Van’t Schip, current coach of the Greece team – practically outside the Qatar 2022 World Cup – is considered by Amaury Vergara, the top man of the Guadalajara club, although they also hinted that there are more names for the Chivas bank.

Those of La Perla from Guadalajara removed Víctor Manuel Vucetich from his position and have Marcelo Michel Leaño on an interim basis in the Apertura 2021, but it is not the only position that is open in the Guadalajara team.

A report from “La Octava Sports” asserts that the soccer council has convinced Amaury Vergara to return John Van’t Schip to Chivas. The Dutchman was on the Guadalajara bench in the 2012 Apertura, when the Guadalajara team was in the hands of the Dutch Johan Cruyff.

In that tournament, under his reins, the chiverío finished the regular phase in eighth position with 23 units, after six wins, five draws and six defeats, in addition to 17 goals in favor and the same amount against.

In the league they were eliminated by Toluca in the quarterfinals. In the first leg, the Diablos won 2-1 in the first leg; while in the second leg the whole of the State of Mexico finished the series with a 3-1, to put the aggregate 5-2.

After the Apertura 2012 and days after the Clausura 2013 began, Van’t Schip was dismissed from the rojiblanco bench to leave the place to Benjamín Galindo.

America, one of the best

Colombian Nicolás Benedetti, a midfielder for the Águilas del América, assured that his team is on par with the best teams on the continent, as part of the celebration for the club’s 105th anniversary at its facilities in Coapa.

“For me it is a pride to belong to this institution, which celebrated 105 years of greatness, and I hope to contribute what they have done for me and my family by winning titles. América has nothing to envy to any other team on the continent ”, explained the former Deportivo Cali player from his country.

The 24-year-old footballer, who played the South American pre-Olympic with the Colombian Under-23 team, revealed that he turned to mental health experts to get ahead in the face of rumors that put him out of America due to poor performance and various injuries that have prevented him show your best version in Mexico.

“It is no secret to anyone that everyone needs to be mentally strong, firm in what one wants and I have been working on that for a long time, not giving up and not throwing in the towel. Everything has its harvest and I always try to come out stronger from each situation ”, he added.

After receiving the confidence of the Argentine Santiago Solari, coach of the Eagles, Benedetti has participated in three matches of the Apertura 2021 tournament, one as a starter, in which he contributed an assistance, although he has still been due.— EFE