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On May 23, the zodiac sign of Venus is going to change. On this day Venus will enter Aries. Venus has a special place in astrology. In astrology, Venus is the causative planet of material happiness, marital happiness, luxuries, fame, art, talent, beauty, romance, sex-lust and fashion-designing. Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra and Pisces is their exalted sign, while Virgo is their debilitated sign. When Venus is auspicious, the person gets lucky. Let us know which zodiac sign will get auspicious results by changing the zodiac sign of Venus.


  • Venus transit period will prove beneficial for you.
  • During this time you will get freedom from secret enemies.
  • You may have to work hard to get success in the field, but success will be achieved.
  • You will have a good time with your partner.
  • There will be profit.
  • You will get the support of family members.

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Leo sun sign-

  • This transit period will be beneficial for the people of Leo zodiac.
  • You will achieve heights in the workplace.
  • Income will increase.
  • Amenities will increase and a plan to go on a trip can be made.
  • You will get rid of financial problems.

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  • The transit of Venus will prove beneficial for you.
  • During this time your prestige will increase.
  • Have a good time with family.
  • Relations with partner will be cordial.
  • Problems will get resolved during the transit period.
  • Health related problems will be less and there will be chances of getting progress in career.

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  • Venus transit is going to be favorable for you.
  • During this time you can buy land or vehicle.
  • Investing in land can give good benefits.
  • Will be a part of religious functions.
  • Money can be gained from the advice of a partner.
  • Married life will be pleasant.

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