VIDEO: Mother of famous actor praises Prasad after watching ‘Dharamveer’ – Santosh Juvekar’s mother praises Prasad Oak for Dharamveer Marathi film, video viral ProIQRA News

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MUMBAI: ‘Anand Dighe and Thane City’ is a unique equation. It is very rare for a political leader to achieve such a place of affection in the society especially at the grassroots level. Though 20 years have passed since Dighe’s sudden death, there has been no change in his popularity in Thane. It was a big challenge to make a film on such a personality. The team of the film faced this challenge. Many veterans have appreciated watching the film.
Praveen Tarde was the director’s first choice for ‘Dharamveer’, not Prasad

Several actors from Marathi cineworld have shared posts, videos and praised Prasad Oak and the team of this film. Actor Santosh Juvekar has shared a video praising Prasad. In this video he is not talking, but Santosh’s mother is seen talking. While Santosh’s mother is seen praising Prasad, this emotional video is being discussed at this time.
Santosh’s mother had photographed the poster of Prasad’s film Dharamveer in her mobile. Seeing this photo, he can be seen expressing his feelings. Expressing these feelings, tears are coming in his eyes in this video.

‘Prasad has done such a beautiful job that my eyes are filled with tears. I was really happy to see him. I have actually seen Anand Dighe. So I was very happy to see him.
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Prasad got such a beautiful job and so did he. I have seen all his roles since Toofan. He has done very well in this film as well. Santosh ji, you really go to see the film. In this video, Santosh’s mother is seen saying that I am going to take back all my friends. He also said that Prasad’s wife Manjari helped him a lot in all these journeys.

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