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Mumbai- A woman has made many serious allegations against Malayalam actor Vijay Babu. The woman went to the Ernakulam South police station and lodged a case against him. According to this woman, actor Vijay Babu sexually abused her for one and a half months. After the complaint of the woman, the police have started action under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. The actor is currently absconding and the police have issued a look out notice against him. Meanwhile, Vijay Babu has mentioned the woman’s name in a live post on Facebook. Also, all the allegations leveled by him have been denied. The woman has made five sensational allegations against Vijay Babu.

Charges against Vijay Babu

The victim has made five sensational allegations against actor Vijay Babu.

First charge – The victim accused Vijay Babu of treating her like a good friend when she was new to the entertainment world. He was also giving her good advice. But while doing so, she was also sexually abused.

second charge The woman made another allegation that Vijay Babu used to physically force her. When she refused to have sex, Vijay Babu used to take action against her. rape her. It went on like this for about a month and a half.

Third charge- The woman made another allegation against Vijay Babu, saying that he used to take drugs or give him alcohol. That’s why she was drunk. At that time Vijay Babu used to sexually abuse her.

Fourth charge- According to this woman, Vijay Babu was the watchman. He repeatedly sexually abused her, promising to marry her and get her a job in cinema. He also threatened to ruin her life. Not only this, he was also physically abused.

Fifth charge- He threatened to release his private video if anyone read it.

Who is Vijay Babu?

Vijay Babu is a big name of Malayalam cinema. He has given many hit films in his cine career. He is an actor and has also done many movies. He has his own production house named ‘Friday Film House’. Apart from this, the film ‘Phillips and the Monkey Pain’ produced by him has also won the ‘Best Children’s Film’ award from the state of Kerala.