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Viral sensation duck Longboy is missing from campus

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The duck who became an internet sensation has disappeared from the campus where he used to live.

Mallard’s Indian runner’s cross, named Long Boi because of his tall stature, named him a local celebrity at York University.

The Long Boi arrived on campus in 2019 and went viral after a Reddit post incorrectly described it as “the tallest duck of a duck that ever lived… standing over 1 meter tall”.

It was later confirmed that the duck was standing about 70 cm tall.

A post on an Instagram account dedicated to Long Boi, who has more than 56,000 followers, confirmed that he had not been seen since mid-March.

The post said, “Long Boy’s age is unknown and he has never gone missing like this. Unfortunately, this disappearance indicates a high possibility of Long Boy’s death.

“It is unclear exactly how or when this happened, and we can only hope that if Long Boy is truly gone, his death was peaceful.

“Any information about Long Boy’s sightings or his last known location would be very helpful in figuring out what might have happened.”

The post ended: “Long Boy’s rise to fame has also introduced us to new duck-loving friends, not just in York, but all over the world, brought together by our love for an incredibly unique duck – Long Boy will always be remembered by those who knew and loved him.”

Longboy has appeared on BBC Radio 1’s Greg James and James Corden’s The Late Late Show in the US.

We started feeding him and taking pictures of him, and he coined the name Long Boy because of his tall stature.

“We felt a bit sorry for him, because he didn’t fit in with all the other ducks and was an outcast from them, he seemed so lonely.

“Over time, he grew a large following of York students, became very popular on campus, and has since blossomed, merging with other waterfowl.”