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The host of new E4 series Send Nudes: Body SOS says the show aims to “empower” and help those struggling with body confidence.

Vogue Williams said the reality show was designed to help those considering plastic surgery feel good about their bodies “in an honest and realistic way”.

In the program, participants’ bodies are scanned by hundreds of cameras to create a 3D computer-generated avatar that is customized by expert surgeons.

The resulting “nude” is then sent to 50 strangers for analysis and critique.

Williams said the show is designed to help people who are considering plastic surgery feel good about their bodies in an ‘honest and realistic way’ (Yui Mok/PA) / PA Archive

Speaking ahead of the show’s launch, Williams said: “It’s not a series about plastic surgery, it’s about helping people who are considering surgery because they really want something in their body. are self-conscious about the part to the extent that it is affecting their modus operandi.life

“When I meet them they are on the fence about surgery but it is something they have thought about for a long time.

She continued: “It’s a really empowering show and very body positive and I think we need some of that on TV.

“We all have issues with our bodies and this is for everyone across the UK who has reached the point where they are really considering surgery.

“To be able to pull off a band aid and show us what makes them tick and then send 50 complete strangers their nudes is very brave but also very empowering.

“Everyone’s body is different, and everyone’s body is amazing and beautiful.

“No one is perfect and you certainly realize that ‘normal’ is not a word we should use to describe bodies – we are all so different and that should be celebrated.”

This is not a series about plastic surgery, but it is about helping people who are considering surgery because they are so self-conscious about a part of their body that it doesn’t fit their style. Affecting lives.

Williams, 36, said social media platforms are responsible for some people, especially young people, wanting to change their appearance through cosmetic surgery, but it depends on the individual what online content they consume. Let’s “monitor” it.

Asked how the new show would fit into the current body image debate, she said: “I think for us the show was more about body positivity. We didn’t want it to be a negative show.

“We didn’t want to go and tell people, ‘If you want to look good or feel good about yourself, you need plastic surgery’.

“We were like, ‘Listen, you look great the way you are, but if you really want other people’s opinions and you really want to see how you look with surgery[that’s]really life-changing. Sakti)’, we are going to show you all the risks and costs’.

Send Nudes: Body SOS airs on E4 on Wednesday 31 August at 10.15pm.


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