Voting for the fifth phase continues in UP, Rita Bahugana Joshi said – BJP will form the government with 300+ seats – News18 Urdu

Voting for the fifth phase continues in UP, Rita Bahugana Joshi said – BJP will form the government with 300+ seats – News18 Urdu

Lucknow: Voting for the fifth phase of Assembly Elections 2022 is taking place in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. Under this, voting is taking place in 61 seats of 12 districts. In this phase, the fate of many leaders including UP Deputy Chief Minister Keshu Prasad Moriah, Siddharth Nath Singh, Congress leader Aradhana Mishra, Palvi Patel will be imprisoned in EVM. “We expect more than 70 per cent turnout,” BJP MP Rita Bahugana Joshi said after casting her vote in the fifth phase of UP elections. We will win by a big margin and the BJP will form the government with more than 300 seats.

The fifth phase of voting in Uttar Pradesh has started today. At present, 61 seats are at stake in 12 districts of Odh and Purwanchal. These 12 districts are Amethi, Sultanpur, Chitrakoot, Pratapgarh, Rai Bareli, Koshambi, Prayag Raj, Bara Banki, Ayodhya, Bahraich, Sharavasti and Gonda. Lord Rama’s city Ayodhya is also among the 12 districts where construction of Ram temple is a major issue. It will be a challenge for the BJP to win here. In the last elections, all the seats were held by the BJP.

Ayodhya is considered a stronghold of the BJP. In 2017, the BJP got an overwhelming majority here. The challenge for the BJP is to repeat its previous performance. At the same time, the rest of the teams are fighting to improve their old performance. In such a situation, all the parties have fielded their ex-servicemen. In the fifth phase, the reputation of the veterans of all parties is at stake. Following are the 2017 results for these districts.

Who are the main faces in the field?
In the fifth phase, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshu Prasad Moriah is the BJP candidate from the Siratho Assembly constituency in his home district of Koshambi, against whom the Samajwadi Party has fielded its Dal (Communist) leader Palvi Patel. While Palvi Patel’s sister and Union Minister Anupriya Patel is campaigning for Keshu Prasad Moria, Anupriya Patel’s mother Krishna Patel is contesting from Pratapgarh Saddar against the BJP as the Samajwadi Alliance candidate. ۔ At the same time, Raghuraj Pratap Singh, who has been winning elections from Kanda in Pratapgarh district since 1993, this time made up of those who are contesting the traditional seat from the Sta party.

Who got how many seats in 2017?
In Amethi, 3 BJP candidates and 1 SP candidate won 4 seats. In Sultanpur, BJP got 4 seats and SP got 1 out of 5 seats. In Chitrakoot, BJP has won 2 seats. Out of total 7 seats in Pratapgarh, BJP won 2, AD (S) 2, Congress 1 and IND 2 seats. The BJP had won a total of 3 seats in Koshambi. Out of 12 seats in Prayag Raj, BJP got 8 seats, BSP got 2 seats, SP got 1 seat and AD (S) got 1 seat. Out of the total 6 seats in Barabanki, BJP got 5 and SP got 1 seat. In Ayodhya, the BJP has won a total of 5 seats. Out of the total 7 seats in Bahraich, BJP got 6 and SP got 1 seat. Out of the total 2 seats in Sharavasti, BJP won 1 and BSP won 1. The BJP had won 7 seats in Gonda.

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