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Want to buy a James Bond gun? Also know the price – Bol News

Want to buy a James Bond gun? Also know the price – Bol News

In the movies, the hero is described as the wisest, bravest and most intelligent, and most of the time he has tools and weapons that have nothing to do with reality. Has a pistol in his hand that only moves with it.

Now an American company has turned a James Bond rifle into a reality that only runs in the hands of its owner and will go on sale later this year.

There are many parts of the movie series based on British spy James Bond. However, in the movie ‘Skyfall’ released in 2012, Detective 007 had a unique gun which could not be fired by anyone except James Bond.

The most amazing thing about this gun was that it could be unlocked by reading the fingerprints of the owner. Will work on

The report states that the gun uses a fingerprint reader and a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip that can be activated with a phone app, as well as a pinpad.

This amazing gun can be unlocked with the help of fingerprint in micro seconds but this gun will not be unlocked on wet hands or any injury etc. but also a pin pad has been provided in the backup for this.

It also includes an NFC signal as an additional backup, but the procedure is not yet clear.

According to a foreign media, the price of this smart gun will be more than one and a half lakh rupees.

It should be noted that this gun has been developed by a company called Load Star and according to an engineer involved in its manufacture, Gareth Glasser, the idea of ​​making this gun was not inspired by any movie Came after reading the events.

In this way, the gun can play an important role in preventing all such incidents, including suicide, accidental firing of a gun by children, while criminals will not be able to use it.

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