War in Ukraine: Edmonton sends pet food boards Pi News

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Seven trays loaded with dog food have been built in Ukraine as part of a weekly aid package shipped from the capital Alberta.

“This is very important. During the war, we may not even think about it, and we think about feeding the people, but they have pets,” said Thomas Lucasuk, the organizer and former deputy prime minister.

He and former Premier Ed Stelmach are part of a team that sends donations to the War Zone every week.

Large quantities of cat food will also be shipped, Lukasuk said. Donations were collected from local veterinarians.

“We hope the demand will be even higher because I imagine it is so bad,” Lukaszuk said.

Leashes and medicines for pets are also collected and shipped.

The team has already sent more than 35 tons of aid to Ukraine, including medical and first aid equipment, stretchers, blankets, sleeping bags and wheelchairs.