(Watch) In pictures, Hala Shiha’s journey with the veil after returning to it for the second time!

Egyptian actress Hala Shiha sparked widespread controversy by returning to the veil again, 3 years after she took it off and returned to acting.

And (Watan) monitors, in pictures, Hala Shiha’s journey with the veil:

Retirement and veil

Hala Shiha married a member of the downtown team, Hani Adel, but the marriage did not last long and the divorce took place.

Shiha and Hani Al-Adl

After that, Hala Shiha announced her retirement from art and wore the niqab, and married a Canadian who had converted to Islam several years before their marriage.

Hala Shiha and her husband then settled in Alexandria, then immigrated to Canada and bore him 4 children (two sons and two daughters).

Shiha 1 1

In 2014, press reports stated that Hala Shiha worked in a religious center where she offered a number of lessons for free.

Hala Shiha in the niqab

In 2017, Hala published two pictures of her wearing the niqab and commented on them: (By God, then by God, if this Qur’an was revealed in our hearts, we would have become the best of human beings. Oh God, make us among those who read the Qur’an and ponder its meanings. Your book, O Lord, enlighten us in this world and the hereafter, then obeying You, O Lord, and obeying Your Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him).
spare shovelShiha in the niqab
After that, Hala Shiha expressed her anger at the spread of her daughter’s image on social networking sites.
At the time, she wrote on her Facebook page: (Glory be to God, after I revealed my story with the hijab and the niqab, I found many sites for communication and pages of magazines that brought down my words and with them my pictures and pictures of one of my daughters).

Hala Shiha

And she added: (And glory be to God, it did not occur to me that the topic could reach the press, or perhaps I forgot this topic for a long time, so I say, Glory be to God, perhaps it is good).

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And she continued: (But it saddens me that I do not want my daughter to appear in the pictures, and I do not know where they came from these pictures, and they surrounded pictures of some of the sisters in the niqab and point out that it is me, but I have not appeared in any picture at all until now, except for private pictures with my husband, children and some relatives in the niqab ).

sudden return

After 12 years of retirement, Hala surprised her fans by taking off the veil and then launched her current account via Instagram, and began publishing bold pictures of her.

In a statement, Hala said that she longs to stand in front of the camera and participate in presenting works that carry content and ideas that triumph for humanity, which her husband encouraged her to do, before they were officially divorced.

Shiha after removing the veilShiha after removing the veil 1

Hala revealed at the time that it was difficult to maintain her family stability while making the decision to return to art, and that she and her husband differed on this point, as he did not want her to act again, but she decided to return to what she loves to do, which is acting.

Moez Masoud and Hala Shiha

Last February, the public was surprised by Hala’s announcement of her association with the Egyptian preacher Moez Masoud.

Moez Masoud published a picture of him and his wife, Hala Shiha, who appeared in the hijab, through his official account on the “Instagram” application.

And he attached it to a Quranic verse: “And those who say, Our Lord, grant us from our mates and our offspring comfort to our eyes, and make us strong.”

Hala Shiha

Hala began to appear wearing the veil incompletely, and Moez Masoud recently published a picture that he collected with Hala Shiha, in which she appeared in the veil, while his youngest daughter “Sarah” mediated them, and commented on her by saying: “Words cannot describe the extent of my love for you both.”

Masoud and Hala Shiha

Finally, yesterday, Wednesday, Hala Shiha published a new photo of her on social media, in which she announced her return to wearing the hijab, in an indirect response to her father’s statements.

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Hala Shiha appeared in the photo she posted on her official account on (Instagram), wearing a colorful headdress, revealing part of her neck, commenting: (There is nothing more beautiful than spiritual happiness and inner peace .. Praise be to God).

Shiha solution for hijab

She also published other photos through the Al-Astori feature that she collected with her children, commenting: (Happy from my heart, praise be to God).

Shiha and her daughters

Hala Shiha’s father: My daughter is not veiled

Hala’s picture came as a response to the statements of her father, artist Ahmed Shiha, which sparked widespread controversy, as he said that his daughter took off the hijab for the third time, after she recently appeared in many photos that she collected with her family, her husband, preacher and producer Moez Masoud.

“Shiha” and during his hosting of the “Horouf Al-Jar” program, on “Nogoum FM” radio, confirmed that he spoke with his daughter, the artist Hala Shiha, after she wore the veil the last time, explaining to her that the veil has nothing to do with the relationship with God, indicating that she returned and rose. Upload it without influence from anyone.

He said: “When my daughter wore the veil, I spoke to her and told her to come one day and come back, and when your faith is full, you know that this has nothing to do with God, and when she returned and lifted the veil, she lifted it without anyone affecting her, and after reading tons of books on this subject.” He added, “She is now not veiled.”

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