Web series ‘Conspiracy’ to be released on OTT platform Shemaroomi today

Web series ‘Conspiracy’ to be released on OTT platform Shemaroomi today

The political thriller ‘Shadyantra’ on premium Gujarati OTT platform Shemaroomi is all set to release on June 24. Meeting the diverse and quality content needs of Gujarati viewers in the last few years, Shemaroomi has periodically released Gujarati web series and films with new stories and legendary actors and soon conspiracy is going to be a part of it.

Apara Mehta, Rohini Hatangadi, Vandana Pathak, Shrinu Parikh, Vishal Gandhi, Parikshit Tamalia, Anurag Prapanna, Deepak Ghiwala and Feroz Bhagat shared their experiences working in this web series. Is the project. I’ve been waiting a long time for a good, classy and a role that can do me justice. The conspiracy is definitely the right project for me. “

“I am very happy to be a part of the ‘Conspiracy’ web series and I am happy that Shemaroomi decided to give this impressive web series to the Gujarati industry. I have played many characters in my career but Vasantiben’s The character is very close to my heart. The level of this web series is so great that we feel like we are shooting a movie. I am sure my viewers will definitely like this web series. “

“The web series conspiracy is an ambitious project and I am very happy to be a part of this family,” said Deepak Gheewala. This webseries conspiracy is so interesting that we would love to watch all its episodes on June 24 together.

It is to be mentioned that two veteran actors Apara and Rohit are working together for the first time in their careers. Talking about the challenges of shooting amid the Covid-19 epidemic, the actors said that the safety of everyone was a top priority. Shooting has been very safe and easy with the help of Shemarumi Production House.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of ‘Shadyantra’ web series, show director Urvish Parikh said, “Shadyantra is the first Gujarati web series which has so many veteran and influential artists. The experience of shooting this show was very good for me. I am happy that Shemaroomi has produced this show and is releasing its premiere for every Gujarati on its platform. ”

Speaking of the plot of the series, Pannaben (Apara Mehta) has been serving as a successful CM for the last 15 years. Which hurts some leaders in power. The road to success and victory is never easy and this web series also features entertainment with many twists and turns. And the same theme makes ‘Conspiracy’ an impressive political family drama that viewers will surely like.

While the recent web series Wat Wat on Shemaroomi and the film Swagatam released before the theater have received a very positive response from Gujarati viewers living in Gujarat as well as around the world, it is hoped that the soon to be released web series conspiracy will also win the love of viewers.

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