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A driver involved in a crash with a truck traveling the wrong way on West Vancouver’s Upper Levels Highway on Wednesday thinks he’s lucky to be alive after swerving at the last second to avoid a head-on collision.

Quinton Spence said of the ordeal, “I really had like a second to respond and turn right. They still grabbed the tip of our tail and we just went through the air. We were literally flipping.” “There was a lot. Of glass that exploded in our faces and got into our mouths and things.”

Spence’s car stopped on wheels in the wrong direction and he and his brother, who was with him, escaped with a serious injury.

The truck driver also swerved to avoid the camper van but lost control and rolled down a steep bridge.

Spence said he ran to see if the occupants of the truck were injured.

“I see an old man. He is sitting on a tree trunk or something and his wife is holding him and trying not to cry.” “There was only blood on his face and some blood oozing from his eye.”

After the truck veered off its track, the RV hit a red car on the head, causing severe damage to both cars.

The truck ended up lying on its side on top of the car.

Six people were injured in the collision, two of whom were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Police have not revealed which ramp the driver may have used in the wrong way to enter the highway, but the closest one to the crash site is on 22nd Avenue.

It is clearly marked with “No Entry” and “Wrong Way” signs.

Wednesday’s accident isn’t the first along the highway to have been caused by a driver traveling in the wrong direction.

In May of 2014, an eastbound freight truck in westbound lanes collided with several vehicles.

Six people also went to the hospital in that accident, including a young child who needed surgery.

At the time, West Van Police said they believed the truck driver was disabled.

Investigators did not say whether they also believed this was the case with the woman in her 20s who was behind the wheel of the carriage on Wednesday.

Kunst said. Nicole Braithwaite: “This investigation is still early days and we hope to establish the cause and all that.”

At the scene, a cannabis plant could be seen among the wreckage that spilled from the truck, and police carefully examined a small bag or backpack shaped like a stuffed giraffe, and a glass jar containing an unknown substance.

“I asked him myself,” Spence said of the officer who called him for follow-up on Thursday. Was she under the influence?

So far the police have not told him if this is why the driver ended up on the wrong side of the highway causing chaos and serious injury.


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