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What is a triple divorce? Here is the complete information about triple divorce

What is a triple divorce? Here is the complete information about triple divorce

Divorce, three divorces, polygamy Muslim Personal Law, Hindu Code Bill and Uniform Civil Code are the words that are ringing in your ears these days. What is this word after all? What is its significance today? What are the rules of marriage, divorce and succession between different groups living in the country? In the country, can a person marry his cousin? Can a mama marry her niece? Do daughters have a right to their father’s property? We have brought here the answers to all these questions.

In today’s link, let us know what is the true way of divorce in Islam and how Muslims are being crushed in the storm of customs.

Before we get into the discussion of divorce, we need to know what is the concept of marriage in Islam? In Islam, marriage is not a matter of birth and death. But there is also a civil contract which is valid after the mutual consent of a man and a woman. Islam has given thousands of advices to husband and wife to fulfill this contract. Meaning refusing to break it. In Islamic law, every effort has been made by the man and the woman to make a gentleman once they have joined the Risht-e-Nikah and try their best to keep it till the end. The Qur’an calls marriage a Misak-e-Galiz (strong explanation).

But there are ups and downs in the journey of life. Mild warmth conditions continue to arise and from time to time there is a situation where all avenues of marriage are closed. In such a situation Islam allows breaking of marriage (contract) but with strict urgency or any hope of living together at all. Marriage is dissolved when there is no survivor. That is why divorce is called the worst of good deeds in Islam.

When can a marriage be broken?

Now Mia Bibi understands that the differences are so great that if it is impossible to live together then they are allowed to separate but before that they have to show their nobility about these differences. If one Hakam (Punch) is chosen from the nobility of Mia Biwi, then Hamdard and Khairkhah. The real purpose of which is to end the quarrel but if it does not happen then the way to separate is cleared.


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