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Lahore: While the PML-N is facing a challenge like holding elections, it has become a bigger challenge to curb other inflation because if the present government has to complete the term of the assemblies, then it will have to face such inflation. A former finance ministry spokesman has also predicted staggering inflation in the coming days.

A former finance ministry spokesman has warned of a sharp rise in petrol and electricity prices in the coming days, warning of rising inflation in the country.

Former Finance Ministry spokesman and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Muzammil Aslam on social networking site Twitter has warned the nation of further rise in inflation and predicted a record rise in prices of electricity and petroleum products.

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Muzammil Aslam said in his tweet that the price of petroleum products will be increased on Monday and petrol will be increased by Rs 46 per liter and diesel by Rs 84 per liter.

The former finance ministry spokesman added in his tweet that the present government has already increased the price of imported RLNG by 40 per cent while the price of electricity will also be increased by Rs 7 per unit.

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