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What is religion?

What is religion?


There are ten parts of Uttam Dharma-

1. Forgiveness:
Tolerance. Don’t let anger arise. If anger arises, let it fail with its own discretion, humility. Finding the cause of anger within oneself, thinking of the consequences of anger, not paying attention to the ignorance of others. Contemplating the virtues of forgiveness.

2. Mardav:
Having gentleness in mind and gentleness in dealing.

3. Ardav:
Purity of price. Say what you think. Do what you say

4. Defecation:
Do not have any kind of greed in mind. Not to be attached. Not even the body.

5. Truth:
To be honest Benevolent speaking. Speaking a little.

6. Restraint:
Controlling mind, promise and body.

7. Penance:
Do penance for the strength you need to get rid of dirty tendencies.

8. Abandonment:
Giving the character knowledge, protection, food, medicine etc.

9. Shortness of breath:
Not having affection for anything. Accepting non-aggression.

10. Celibacy:
Study the virtues and keep yourself holy.


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