"What merit does Edappadi have for talking about the Kallakurichi incident?" – famous questions Pi News

In an interview in Osur, Pugahendi questioned whether he had learned about the killing of 13 people in the Thoothukudi firing on television, and what is his right to talk about the Kallakurichi incident.

Bujahendi, an OPS supporter and former AIADMK spokesperson, met journalists at the Osur Municipal Corporation premises in Krishnagiri district. In the interview he said, “Kallakurichi is where I was born and brought up. I have never seen such a huge riot in this agricultural area. I don’t know why there is a need to plan riots. Police is taking appropriate action.” .


Mr Edappadi, who claims to hold the chief minister responsible for the riots, what merit do you have as the then chief minister, who said he heard the news of 13 deaths in Thoothukudi firing. Television? Benix, Jayaraj father-son lockout death, who is in power? The EPS should be arrested under the Thugs Act for instigating the riots.”


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