what other places can you visit

what other places can you visit

Monte Hermoso is synonymous with beach, sun and guaranteed fun by the sea, especially in the warmer months. Every summer, thousands of people from the region and from all over the country travel constantly to this small city on the southwestern coast of Buenos Aires, turning it into a true metropolis and multiplying its stable population several times.

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During the three or four warmer months of summer, the resort goes from being a quiet and beautiful place to live to a huge city with many people on the sand, in the streets, in restaurants and shops in general. All these people seek to get away from the day-to-day in their places of residence, escape from the routine to which they are accustomed and relax in the warmth of its waters.

It’s like a tide, but human. Away from the beach, tourists visit theaters, coffee shops and businesses in general, sit on pedestrian walkways, enjoy street shows and tour the city far and wide, albeit without straying too far from the sea.

But Monte Hermoso is much more than that. In addition, not every day it is possible to enjoy the sand and its waters, and this was made evident during the last week, when the weather conditions that prevailed in a large part of the region, forced tourists to look for new options to entertain themselves and spend your vacation.

Of course, it was not necessary to lose hours of sleep to determine what can be done. There are many options, for all tastes and not all of them have the sea or the beach as their main component. Waiting a long time to buy a dozen churros – as was seen in the last week, with long lines in stores – may seem like an alternative, but only when it comes to drinking mate. In any case, these churros can be taken for a snack when visiting other essential places that must be visited before finishing the vacation at the spa.

One of the options that fall out of favor before a day in which the state of the sea is not ideal or the tourist wants to get away from the conglomeration of the beach, is the Sauce Grande lagoon.

Located at the entrance to the spa, this immense mirror of water has services and options to spend a day near the water, with another level of tranquility and enjoying water sports and games, as well as fishing.

“With or without wind, this is a good option to enjoy -says Alejandro Alvarez, manager of the place-. We have a delimited sector for a spa and, in addition, it is protected by lifeguards from 10 to 20. So, people come and enjoy the water and the facilities”.

Since the beginning of the current season, the influx of public has been more than important.

The Sauce Grande lagoon offers the possibility of practicing water sports.

“We have public restrooms, grills, a fast food and beverage cart, and also a landscaped area. The lagoon is a good option for people who want something different and more tranquillity”, he points out.

Added to this is the possibility of practicing water sports.

“This season, the star is the jet ski, which takes center stage. But you can also do sky, jetsky, sailing, sailing, fishing and board sports. Even surfboards and kayaks are rented on site,” he explains.

A little further from the sea, knowledge of the place where you are vacationing also arouses people’s interest. Unpleasant days are not exactly necessary to enter this fantastic world, but the truth is that those days are the ones with the highest attendance at the Monte Hermoso Historical and Natural Sciences museums.

The first of them, by Juan Sorensen, in addition to all the things, objects, photos and elements that can be found inside, offers the possibility of taking two tours of different parts of the spa, to learn about the origins of one of the most important points of the Buenos Aires coast.

In addition, this year it presented an exhibition related to shark fishing, which occurred mainly in the 1940s and 1950s, and extended until the 1960s.

The Historical Museum has a great variety of elements and photos from different moments in the life of Monte Hermoso. Currently there is an exhibition on shark fishing, which occurred between the 1940s and 1960s.

“We’ve wanted to do it for a long time and we decided for this season,” he says. We have documentation, photographs and objects that we had on the subject and we present it”.

To all this is added the people who are interested in the history of the spa, from the times of the Schooner Lucinda Sutton and the Hotel de Madera onwards.

“To all this we must add all the things we have in the museum,” he explains.

“The season is coming along very well,” adds Sorensen. In the first fortnight there were many people and during the second, when the weather was not so good, the museum was full”.

The place can be visited from 9 to 15 and from 17 to 23.

The Museum of Natural Sciences is another site that delights young and old. There, beyond the guided visits that are carried out to the Pehuen Co-Monte Hermoso provincial reserve, where there are 7 thousand-year-old human footprints, you can find an exhibition based on panels, where a paleontological story is told and local archaeological, to which are added remains of megamammals that can be up to 30 thousand years old.

“We also have native flora and fauna, marine visitors who come to our things at different times of the year, aquariums and jellyfish exhibitors, as well as a traveling mineral show,” says Natalia Sánchez, in charge of the place.

In that sense, he highlighted that this year more than 3,200 people have passed through the entity, with daily peaks of 600.

“What we did in the first fortnight is equivalent to the entire number of people who came in January of last year,” he says.

The music on the beach and the shows don’t stop

At As part of the free recitals on the beach, El Plan de la Mariposa will be presented this Friday at the Parador Club 9, while the performance of Nonpalidece in Guardalavaca has been rescheduled for Thursday, February 3.

While, Among the shows offered by the Monte Hermoso Cultural Center, El Gato Peters will be presented today with his solo show MasterGato, chef of humor; on Wednesday the 26th it will be the turn of Cacho Garay and his humorous show Let’s Re’Taking, and on Thursday Fernando Samartin will go on stage to play the mythical Sandro de América, with his show Sandro is Back!.

On Friday, meanwhile, Pablo Gibelli will pay tribute to Cacho Castaña through his show Cacho, the last poet, while on Saturday, January 29, the Cuarto Soda will present the best of national rock with the Tributo a Soda Stereo.

to witness them, it is necessary to present the sanitary pass.

the localities they are on sale at the ticket offices of the Cultural Center, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 8:00 p.m. to midnight; On Saturdays and Sundays, the hours are from 9.30 to 13.30 and from 20 to 0.


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