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What the Newspapers Say: Sunday’s Front Pages

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Sunday’s front pages focus on homelessness, tax breaks for landlords, price gouging at hotels and King Charles visiting Ireland this summer.

the Sunday Independent He reveals that the government fears that a no-fault extension of the eviction ban will lead to a significant increase in homeless numbers near next year’s European and local elections.

Pascal Donohue rejected a set of proposals to halt the exodus of small landlords from the market when he was finance minister, before announcing the eviction ban last year, business mail reports.

Ireland edition of Sunday times Reports suggest that hotels are mocking the low VAT rate by gouging prices on St. Patrick’s Day.

Britain’s King Charles is planning a trip around Ireland this summer after his coronation. Irish Post on Sunday reveal.

the Irish Sunday Mirror He talks to Oscar hopeful Kerry Condon before Sunday night’s gala in Hollywood.

The confrontation between Gary Lineker and the BBC captured the British front pages after the football broadcaster was pulled from Match of the Day after he criticized the government over the migrant bill.

the Sunday Mirror Lineker’s son is reported to have said his father is willing to return to the program but that he will never back down from his criticism of the conservatives for their treatment of immigrants by small boat.

Sunday people He adds that the BBC begged the former footballer to return.

while observerAnd Sunday timesAnd The Independentthe Daily Star Sunday and the Sunday Express Covering the story by saying the broadcaster is “in crisis” while excluding sports shows.

Rishi Sunak “interfered massively” and rebuked Lineker, mail on sunday He says.

And Sunday Telegraph He writes that the BBC’s director general refused to resign because he had “hinted a retraction over the Gary Lineker row”.