What’s on TV, Netflix, and AppleTV+ Today: Home of the Year and Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion | Pro IQRA News

What’s on TV, Netflix, and AppleTV+ Today: Home of the Year and Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion

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Here are our top picks for today’s live TV and streaming.

Holy Land and Us: Our Untold Stories

BBC2, 9 p.m

As tensions rise again between Israel and Palestine, Sarah Agger and Rob Rinder explore the roots of the conflict by speaking to a family whose relative participated in Israel’s War of Independence, and a woman whose grandmother witnessed the horrors of the Nakba.

UEFA Champions League live broadcast

RTÉ2, 7.30pm

Star-studded Manchester City faces Pep Guardiola, the German team, Leipzig, at the Etihad Stadium tonight, and hopes to advance further in a championship that they have not yet won. The match kicks off at 8 p.m.

general house

RTÉ One, 8:30 p.m

This week, the judges met a couple who have lovingly restored and updated a Victorian property in Co Down, and a Dublin couple who used an innovative process to create their new home.

Mackie Katie Price’s Mansion

Channel 4, 10 p.m

Kate calls in professionals to help downsize her impressive wardrobe, and she teams up with her mom and sister to create a Barbie-inspired desk, but a flood threatens the entire renovation.

to Leslie

Sky Premiere, 8 p.m

Andrea Riseborough earned an Academy Award nomination with this gorgeous portrayal of an alcoholic single mother in West Texas who won $200,000 in the lottery and spent six years squandering it before trying to reconnect with her family.

Today’s video

MH370: The plane that disappeared

Netflix, streaming now

One could claim that this plane did not simply “disappear”, but that is how conspiracy theories began. In keeping with the facts, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was supposed to be a routine flight – a red look from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with 239 on board. Shortly after taking off on a quiet night in 2014, MH370 disappeared from the radar. The horrific disappearance of a commercial airliner sparked riots, plunged families into a nightmare, and spawned a global search for elusive answers. This RAW doc series, set in seven countries, uses archives to reconstruct the night of the disappearance, giving viewers the opportunity to explore three of the most controversial theories about the plane’s disappearance. It’s a story full of enigmatic characters and solemn silences – moreover, it’s an opportunity to keep alive the memory of those lost.


MH370: The plane that disappeared

Luther: Fallen Sun

Netflix, streaming now

First, we had the seemingly endless TV series, and now Idris Elba (below) has somehow managed to find the time to bring Luthor into the movie world. In short, this is an epic continuation of the award-winning TV story reimagined for film, focusing on a horrific serial killer terrorizing London. Unsurprisingly, brilliant detective John Luther (Elba) is behind bars. Haunted by his failure to capture the cybernetic psychopath who is now harassing him, Luthor decides to escape from prison to finish the job – by any means necessary. This cinematic variation also stars Cynthia Erivo, Andy Serkis, and Dermot Crowley, who returns as Martin Schenck.

Real Madrid: until the end

+ AppleTV, now streaming

This documentary has unprecedented access to a legendary club on the brink of collapse, featuring players like Benzema, Modric and Hazard. Sadly, he also seems to rely overly on David Beckham’s majestic brow and mechanical tone as he appears to be in front of the proceedings.


Netflix, streaming now

If you’ve been desperately searching for an updated version of Shirley Valentine, look no further. Complete with a desperate husband, an annoying daughter, a sunny island, and a hairy local man.


Netflix, streaming now

Channel 4’s When the Hunted meets Netflix’s Run For The Money in the Alaskan hinterland.