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‘Where are they?’ Love Island fans have noticed a ‘missing’ feature in the All Stars villa Pi News


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LOVE Island fans have noticed a very important feature missing from this series.

When viewers noticed that the islanders had no phones, questions arose.

Fans have noticed the absence of phones on the new series of Love Island All Stars

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Fans have noticed the absence of phones on the new series of Love Island All Stars

Shouts of ‘I’ve got the text’ have been a staple of the show for years – but this year could be different.


“Don’t they have cell phones this season???” one fan wrote.

“Do they have phones this season?” one more added.

They also use the show’s phones to take selfies during the episodes.

However, no phones have been spotted on this year’s Love Island All Stars yet.

In just two episodes, the final episode of Love Island was explosive.

Georgia Steel and Toby Aromolaran are passionate after the couple made it clear that they have feelings for each other.

For ex-flames Libby Poole and Jake Cornish, it was all about healing old wounds.

They had a heart-to-heart for the first time since their split, where they both agreed that the “book is closed” on their relationship.

They also said that they support each other as friends in the villa despite viewers pairing them off.

Although this truce is short-lived, Jake is ready to leave the show.

We found out that the 26-year-old footballer left the villa on January 15, struggling to marry his ex-husband.

A source said: “Jake was shocked to see Liberty in the villa – they didn’t know anyone else would be there.

“It was clear from the beginning that they were not going to get back together, and then none of the girls wanted to step forward for him.

“Jake had a great three days at the villa and had a very emotional conversation with Maya Jama.

“Jake couldn’t stay in the villa, so he left the show – it’s not his time and it’s not the right time to find love.”

Jake and Liberty met in the seventh series of the dating show, but their romance broke down just days before the finale.

Last night, the former water engineer was left unimpressed and dismayed when he realized his fate during the tie-up.

After breaking the news hours after Maya Jama All Stars started, she gushed: “I knew it.”

Speaking about how he felt about meeting his former flame, Jake said: “I don’t hate the girl.”

Meanwhile, Liberty made it clear that she was not interested in Jake, as she admitted that she had a crush on Mitch Taylor.

Jake and Liberty are the first to enter the villa – leaving Liberty in a daze and Jake asking “what are the chances?” he shook his head.

He told the group that there was “never any bad blood” between him and Liberty, adding that “maybe we need to have a conversation.”

In the video clip, Jake said, “Me and Lib left the show, we haven’t seen her, we haven’t talked to her, but I’ve definitely grown up a lot. Older, bigger, wiser and better looking.”

Liberty explained in her video: “I was in series seven. I’m probably best known for breaking up with my ex Jake a few days before the finale.”

When he asked Maya if there was any chance of a compromise, they both immediately shook their heads.

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Libby and Jake are brought together by the public


Libby and Jake are brought together by the public


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