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I remember as a child that during September all the warm clothes, blankets and bedding in the house were sun-dried, which showed the preparations for the coming season.

Where did hand-knitted sweaters and winter go?
Where did hand-knitted sweaters and winter go?


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But for some years climate change has limited winter to the two months of December and January. Right now, winter lovers can’t even welcome the fact that the season is ending. At the same time, we also forget our cultural identity in the winter and those who remember fail to pass it on to the new generation.

Although it is nice to walk the cold streets in the winter haze, handmade sweaters were used to escape the cold, with the fine design of the oven combined with the softness and love of the maker’s hands. . This was also our winter culture and was commonly called “Koti”. But gradually it was replaced by machine-knitted sweaters.

Since designer shirts are out of reach for everyone, the solution is Linda Bazaar in Lahore. Well, now this facility is gradually becoming out of reach for the people due to inflation, but it is a great way to make a decent living in a time of declining employment.

According to a study, foods containing omega-3 fatty acids are considered the best for preventing colds. They do not allow blood to clot in the body. It maintains its flow. To avoid cold in winter, everyone uses different foods, which contain ingredients that generate heat in the body and reduce the feeling of cold.

Apart from this, there are some gifts that add to the fun of the season. Rather, if it is said that many are waiting for winter because of them, then it will not be out of place. But innovation is also eliminating these specially formulated foods. However, it should have happened that the changing times would have created innovation in the way these foods are delivered and prepared. Each region prepares different souvenirs with more or less the same ingredients, with dry fruit being the most common.

As times become modern, we forget these traditional winter foods. Or say that our busy generation has not allowed these foods to reach the new generation. But if the innovation of the time is used properly, the same forgotten healthy food techniques can be popularized and money can be made from them.

Nowadays many people are selling Panjiri online and it is only because Panjiri is popular everywhere. Apart from this, there are many gifts that can be made and sold online by women who want to make something at home. There is a special pleasure in taking the heat from the fire in winter. There was a time when carbon rings were used for this. But time has changed it to electric and gas heaters and everyone is confined to their rooms. When there was an anghiti period, all the family members, especially after dinner before going to sleep, would sit around the anghiti and make fire, gossip and eat piles of peanuts.

Nowadays, we hear many people say that the winter season is boring, but the real reason is not the season but changes the way of spending this season. We have forgotten that when we used to sit together to reduce the severity of this cold, this sitting together strengthened our relationships.

When the cold brings the body together, sitting together in the cold brings the family together. Even today, there is no better way to spend the winter than with warm blankets, handmade sweaters, indigenous souvenirs and sitting together by the fire. That’s why we’re looking for where did winter go?

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