Where do mothers do what they do: Anirudh wants to leave the house, talk directly to Sanjana! Video Jhala Viral – Serial Milind Gawli doing Ae Kuthe as Anirudh says Sanjana Rupali Bhosle leave my house ProIQRA News

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Mumbai : As the series progresses, it starts moving fast and then the TRP also increases. Fastest things are still happening in the series where mommy does. The blind fell down the stairs. Nothing has happened to her and her unborn child yet. But in front of everyone in the house, Anirudh accuses Sanjana of pushing the blind. After knowing the truth at such times, the Deshmukh family takes Sanjana’s side.

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Then there is another verbal confrontation between Sanjana and Anirudh in the room. Sanjana tells Anirudh that you cannot live like you used to live with two wives. Anirudh says to Sanjana, I want the house to be as before. Then Sanjana asks him, do you want Arundhati to come back? He says no, you have to leave the house.

Children went here for a picnic. Suddenly, Vishakha and her husband arrive. They are having fun with the kids too. Vishakha is telling stories about how their marriage happened. However, Neil is standing there looking at Isha. He falls in love with Isha. So, we will definitely see another love story in the future.

The character of Neil is shown closely with Isha from the entry. In the opening part, he accidentally grabs her hand and looks at her. Success is also visible in this development, so it will be necessary to see what turn those close to him take. Neel is the son of Anirudh’s companion. So there will be more colors ahead.

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