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Currently, the country is facing severe flooding. Every day through social media such and such pictures and

Videos come out that are heartbreaking. People from all sides are helping the flood victims as best they can, but at the same time a demand from all sides is gaining strength that where are the politicians and those in power in this hour of need? On the one hand, there are pictures of children drowning in water, pictures of a mother giving birth to a child buried in the sand, videos of five brothers fighting for their lives on a rock for 5 hours.Politicians also care about spending some time among the flood victims of Khana Pari. And their pictures also adorn social media – but before they go among the victims, their recorder goes ahead of them and selects a few people to wash their hands so they don’t shake hands with these politicians. Or be able to stand up to them. His body odor is not offensive to the politicians and after that these politicians do a photo session with him, give him 1500 and they drive away in their big car – the young man of the Bhutto family Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Jr Flood has hurt Sindh from On three sides, on on one hand, the water rails from Balochistan submerged many villages of Sindh, on the other hand, heavy rains submerged them completely. While the water coming from Punjab is also about to flow into Sindh, there are fears that even small villages could be affected – there are also reports that some bigwigs are trying to save their lands and crops. By breaking the dam, the water was diverted towards the residential areas. All these reasons are why the people of Sindh have the most intense anger against the rulers – people devoted to Bhutto’s name still consider Bhutto as their savior but now the focus of their love. Bilawal Bhutto is not Zardari but a plain clothed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Jr who is among them with muddy feet who look like him and sits among them without any protocol – this young man is not a politician. There is no knowledge, therefore his intention is not to get votes from the people, nor is he among the people in this temptation. This young man is the son of Murtaza Bhutto, the son of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. This young man has hated politics to a to such an extent that he calls politics a slaughterhouse, but this young man who is dedicated to the spirit of humanity is currently present among the people of Sindh and helping them – Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Jr. August 1 Born in Damascus in 1990, this child was named after his father, Murtaza Bhutto. This child, who has now turned into a young man, is the only son of Murtaza Bhutto, the son of the Bhutto family, according to social traditions. It should be remembered that Bhutto’s second son Shahnawaz Bhutto also had only one daughter named Sasi Bhutto Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Jr. faced the tragedy of his father’s murder at the age of six. He also has a sister, Fatima Bhutto, from his father’s first wife. He received his Masters in Art from San Francisco and has been involved in the field ever since – he has also made videos on various controversial topics, proving that he believes in living his life and what people do. They will say they don’t. care about it – distance from politics Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Jr., due to previous violent incidents and consecutive murders in his family, despite being the only male heir of the Bhutto family, stayed away from political activities. Despite living in Karachi, he never participated in any activity, but in the recent floods, he not only visited Dadu and Larkana, but also took practical steps to help the flood victims on social media Viral His visit to the flood victims received a lot of attention on social media and PPP fans showered him with lots of open-hearted love. Being the sole heir to the Bhutto family, he is the most qualified candidate for the presidency of the People’s Party.


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