Why do BJP leaders often visit Raj Thackeray? Chandrasekhar Bawankule mentioned the Lord and said… | Chandrasekhar Bawankule commented on what happened in the meeting with Raj Thackeray. | Pro IQRA News

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State BJP president Chandrasekhar Bawankule met Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray at his residence in Mumbai. After which a debate has erupted in political circles. Against this backdrop, why do BJP leaders often visit Raj Thackeray, asked Chandrasekhar Bawankule. On this, Baunkule said that the meeting was very family and only gossip. He also told that there were only three of us in that meeting, Raj Thackeray and Parameshwar.

What is actually going on between the two parties MNS and BJP, will there be unity in the local body elections? Journalists repeatedly asked such questions. Baunkole said that only the three knew what happened in the chat, and brought the Lord himself into it.

“Raj Thackeray is the defender of Hindutva”

Chandrasekhar Bavankole said, “Raj Thackeray is the defender of Hindutva. He is the leader of a big party. So meeting him was natural. After becoming the state president, I met many leaders of different parties. He also met Raj Thackeray today. There is no difference. Party president Naddaji is at the center to take political decisions related to the party. Devendraji is in Maharashtra. The political leadership concerned will take its decision in due course.

“Inflation has more international causes”

The common man is now suffering from inflation, will it affect the elections? When asked, Bawankole said that there are other international reasons for inflation. The rest do not have inflation and are therefore unlikely to have any impact.

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Amaravati Lok Sabha and Badnera Legislative Assembly have announced that the lotus will bloom, will the Rana couple join the BJP or ally with them? In response to this question, Bawankule said that the lotus will surely bloom. I had announced the same in Dahi Handi program there. Now the decision of the alliance or the BJP will be in front of everyone during the 2024 elections.


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