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The court has extended the ED custody of Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Rawat in the mail scam case. So now Rawat will have to remain in ED custody till August 8. Many political reactions are coming out on this. However, after Rauta’s arrest by the ED, NCP president Sharad Pawar has not responded publicly. In this background, why is Sharad Pawar silent after the arrest of senior NCP MLA Chhagan Bhujbal by Sanjay Rawat? Journalists asked this question. He reacted to this. He was addressing a media query in Nashik on Thursday (August 4).

Chhagan Bhujbal said, “There is no such thing. NCP’s Supriya Sole debated the ED action in the Lok Sabha. In it she made some points. ED Sonia Gandhi in the National Herald case. And investigating Rahul Gandhi. She also spoke about it. NCP is with opposition parties on this issue. NCP leaders are commenting on it.

“What will BJP name?”

“Opposition leaders have brought out a pamphlet and expressed their opinion that this law is demonic. Of course, this law was made during the Congress-led UPA government. Its architect was the then Union Minister and Law. Dan Chidambaram. He made this law. So, what will be the name of BJP? They will say that we did not make this law,” Chhagan Bhujbal said.

The Supreme Court re-sealed the powers of the ED

The Supreme Court re-sealed the law empowering the ED. He has justified various clauses in it. It has become more difficult. So, we have to see what solution the ruling party and the opposition parties come up with,” Bhujbal also said.

“ED’s Custody as Part of Court Proceedings”

Talking about Raut’s bail, Bhujbal said, “The ED custody granted to Sanjay Raut is part of the judicial process. The ED must have raised some issues in the court. I have not heard what was actually before the court. However, the court should have remanded Sanjay Rawat to ED custody for further investigation.

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No early bail in ED case

Will journalists acquit Sanjay Rawat? Asked this question. “I can’t say anything about whether Sanjay Rawat will be acquitted or not,” Bhujbal said. There are no guarantees in cases of ED and everyone knows it. If there is a way out of this, we wish them the best.”