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Bhandara, Due to the terror of wild boar, the farmers of the campus are again stuck in worry. The farmers were keeping the expectation that light land would yield good crops. But for the last few days, there has been a panic of wild boar and monkeys in agriculture. Due to this type of headache of farmers has increased. Due to wild boar entering the paddy field at night and in broad daylight, they are causing damage to the paddy.

Some farmers have compounded the farming with wire to protect the crop. But even wild boars are harming paddy by entering this wire compound. Some farmers used to apply electric current in their fields. But it can take someone’s life, because of this the current has been stopped. Night by night, the farmer is going to take care of his crop by risking his life.

Some farmers have compounded their farming with old plastic bags, saris, while some farmers are trying to protect agriculture by applying plastic foil. The concerned department has paid attention to this and the farmers are making such a demand to make arrangements for wild boars.