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Andy Levin, a congressman from the state of Michigan in the United States, said in a session of the Congress on 16 December 2022 that India is the largest democracy in the world, but now it is sad to say that India is now on the verge of becoming a dangerous Hindu nationalist state . On the way. He also said that in India there are not only Hindus but also a large number of Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. India becoming a Hindu nationalist state can create dangerous conditions for the people of these religions.

A few days ago, during a press conference in New York, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari criticized Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that Osama bin Laden is dead but the “butcher” of Gujarat is still alive. They said Modi had a hand in the Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujarat in 2002, due to which thousands of innocent people lost their lives. Not long ago, Francis Fukuyama, a prominent American political thinker, said in a seminar that India is fast becoming a Hindu-fascist state due to which Muslims in India feel insecure.

At the time of the 2002 religious riots in the Indian province of Gujarat, current Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. They are accused of causing these riots and specifically targeting the Muslim nation. Modi was also a very controversial figure in the international media after these events. He was banned from entering the United States until he became prime minister. It was a difficult phase for Modi to sustain his existence politically after the allegations of these riots, but Modi emerged stronger after these riots. When he was elected Prime Minister of India, there was a wave of concern in the world’s democratic circles that India might now abandon the liberal and democratic path and move towards extreme nationalism. Over the past decade, Modi and his party, the BJP, have captured every political and social circle in India. Minorities, especially Muslims, are targeted under a well-thought-out plan. The main power of the BJP and Modi is the Hindu extremist organization RSS, which wants to make India a Hindu nationalist state and erase the names of Muslims.

The link between RSS and Modi is no longer a secret to the world. To make Modi Prime Minister in 2014, RSS had already started the preparations in early 2013. The only opposition to RSS bringing Modi to power was LK Advani, after he left the party, RSS was able to execute its long-term plan. Behind the Modi government and its vote bank is the might of the RSS. It would not be wrong to say that during Modi’s eight-year rule, BJP and RSS have merged into an ideology and that ideology is to make India a Hindu nationalist state beyond the genocide of Muslims, where no other religion or there is no room for culture. It is not only the RSS that is involved in the spread and promotion of this extremist ideology, there are also many dangerous extremist organizations that have now taken the form of political parties under the patronage of the Modi government.

In early 2022, a senior member of the Maha Sabha, another right-wing party in India, said during an event that if we have 100 fighters, we can prepare to kill 2 million Muslims in this way. We can win, save India and make India a Hindu state too. Following this extremist message, there was a wave of anger and insecurity among Muslims across India, but there was a criminal silence from the Modi government. Ever since the Modi government came to power, the Maha Sabha’s extremist activities have increased and its anti-Muslim sentiment has increased to an alarming extent. Experts who watch Indian politics believe that this trend of Muslim hostility and Muslim genocide is likely to increase in the next elections. The people of this extremist party not only look at Mahatma Gandhi’s killers with great devotion and respect, but this group has also made an idol to worship Gandhi’s killers.

In the official website of Maha Sabha, this party’s opinion is given that India is a country for Hindus only, if this party succeeds in taking power, Muslims from India will be forced to migrate to Pakistan by force and violence. bring with them such a system of education as will conform to their ideas. The Maha Sabha was a mid-level political party before the Modi regime, but now it has evolved into an organized party and has grown in both numbers and influence. This party has started preaching in the northern states of India which is continuously spreading its ideas. What is even more disturbing is that the BJP holds the most political power in these states. This link clearly shows that the Maha Sabha’s activities have the covert support of the BJP, which the BJP uses to promote its Hindu nationalist agenda. Narendra Modi paid tribute to Maha Sabha leader Veer Surkar on his death for his bravery and social work.

Modi and his ruling party, BJP, are apparently trying to distance themselves from these extremist parties, but their real political strength is these extremist groups, at whose expense they get money and votes in elections. The armed groups within the RSS and Maha Sabha are regularly trained for militant activities, which the Modi government has turned a blind eye to. These armed groups target all minorities including Muslims, but the Indian state and its institutions take no action against them. India is being made into a dangerous extremist Hindu nationalist state according to a well thought out plan. The liberal and secular India of Gandhi’s ideals is now a thing of the past. India’s new status may lead to its destruction as it seems unnatural to apply only one ideology of Hindu nationalism in India of many religions and nations. India is again following the same path of having only certain caste rights within itself which divided the Indian society and made it a slave of external powers.


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