Will Shivraj remain CM? BJP gets clear majority in pre-Madhya Pradesh assembly polls | Pro IQRA News

Will Shivraj remain CM?  BJP gets clear majority in pre-Madhya Pradesh assembly polls

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Bhopal: The latest Madhya Pradesh poll has completely grounded the discussions of change floating in the air so far. If elections are held in the state today, the BJP is expected to win more than 140 seats. Shivraj Singh Chauhan remains the face of public trust in Madhya Pradesh. Despite being the Chief Minister for 18 years continuously, remaining popular is a big deal in itself. Shivraj is not only the biggest face of the BJP, but he remains the most trusted face in the entire politics of the state.

Three polls conducted in the last ten days regarding the Madhya Pradesh elections also confirmed this. It also came out that if elections are held today, BJP will get more seats than a clear majority. Shivraj remains the public’s first choice as Chief Minister. More than sixty percent of voters are in favor of Shivraj. In all three surveys, Ladli Brahmin and the PESA Act have been described as game changers.

The surveys that have arrived in the last ten days. Among them are opinion polls from INS, IBC 24 and Pollster. INS sees BJP getting 120 seats. IBC 24’s survey puts the BJP way ahead of the majority. If we look at this, it will be clear that Ladli Brahmin Yojana seems to turn out to be a game changer. The sisters believe only in brother Shivraj.

According to Pollster’s poll, if elections are held in Madhya Pradesh today, the BJP is expected to get 131 to 146 seats while the Congress is expected to get 66 to 81 seats. In the poll, 58.3 percent people felt that Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s government was working better while only 41.7 percent supported the Kamal Nath-led government.

Shivraj went way ahead of Kamalnath

In all the three opinion polls, Shivraj is the most preferred face in the race for the post of chief minister. This poll has also rejected the talk of anti-incumbency and face-changing that was going on until two months ago. In the poll, Shivraj received 60.2 percent of public support while only 39.8 percent supported Kamal Nath.

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