With Bouzat among the 11, Vélez drew against Banfield in a friendly

With Bouzat among the 11, Vélez drew against Banfield in a friendly

With Bahia midfielder Agustín Bouzat among the starters, Vélez drew against Banfield 1-1 in a 60-minute friendly match that they played at the Florencio Sola stadium.

The Uruguayan defender Matías De los Santos was the exclusive protagonist of the scoreboard in the second half hour: he put Vélez ahead with a header and then equalized with an unlucky cross after an overflow by Juan Manuel Cruz.

The local lined up Enrique Bologna; Luciano Abecasis (Abel Amaya), Alexis Maldonado, Luciano Lollo and Ian Escobar; Nicolas Domingo (Lautaro Rios); Giuliano Galoppo, Matías Romero and Juan Álvarez; Cruz and Agustin Urzi.

Vélez trained with Carlos Lampe, Damián Fernández, Matías De los Santos, Miguel Brizuela and Francisco Ortega; Agustín Mulet (Máximo Perrone), Nicolás Garayalde and Agustín Bouzat (Thiago Ojeda); Julián Fernández (Luca Orellano), Lucas Pratto (Mateo Pellegrino) and Lucas Janson.

Both teams are preparing for the start of the Professional League Cup next month. The “Drill” will debut at home against San Lorenzo, for Zone 1, and the “Fortín” will do so in Liniers against Aldosivi de Mar del Plata, for Zone 2.

Other bookmarks

In Florencio Varela, meanwhile, another duel between teams from the Professional League saw Defense and Justice win 2-1 against the promoted Tigre. Sebastián Beccacece’s “Halcón” prevailed at the “Norberto Tito Tomaghello” stadium by goals from Rotondi and Agustín Fontana, a reinforcement that came from River, while Zabala scored for Diego Martínez’s “Matador”.

Argentinos Juniors also closed the week with a smile, beating Communications (Third Division) with a brace by midfielder Gabriel Carabajal 2-1 at their “Sergio Batista” Professional Soccer Center in Bajo Flores.

Gabriel Milito’s team formed with Federico Lanzillotta; Javier Cabrera, Kevin Mac Allister, Miguel Torrén, Lucas Villalba and Luciano Gómez; Gabriel Florentín, Fausto Vera and Carabajal; Gaston Veron and Thiago Nuss. Communications tied provisionally at 21 minutes through Sergio Sosa.

Aldosivi had a tight victory in Mar del Plata against Acassuso (Third Division), thanks to a goal converted by Lautaro Rinaldi, a few minutes after entering the complement.

DT Martín Palermo put several of his incorporations for “Tiburón”, since he had a starting eleven with José Devecchi; Rufino Lucero, Mario López Quintana, Marcos Miers, Fernando Roman; Francisco Cerro, Cesar Meli, Tomas Martinez; Matías Pisano, Manuel Panaro and Edwin Mosquera.

Those who were not were the strikers Santiago Silva, due to a muscular contracture, and Martín Cauteruccio, who could go to Independiente.

And in Junín, Sarmiento defeated Agropecuario Argentino led by Carlos Casares, from the First National (Second Division), 1-0, thanks to a goal from midfielder Guido Mainero.

The local came out with Manuel Vicentini; Martin Garcia, Manuel Garcia, Federico Rasmussen, Lautaro Montoya; Guido Mainero, Federico Vismara, Julián Chicco, Yaír Arismendi; Jonathan Torres and Luciano Gondou.

For his part, Lisandro López, the figure of Sarmiento’s pass market, trained differently along with reinforcements Emiliano Méndez, David Gallardo and Nicolás Femia. (Telam and NA)

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