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With significant progress – El Diario de Yucatán

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Final details on a ramp of the “depressed step”

In the week from October 11 to 17, substantial progress was reported in the rehabilitation of the overpass, in Prolongación Paseo de Montejo with Circuito Colonias, only subtracting the placement of urban implements on the south ramp of the work, indicates a bulletin.

The entire bearing surface of the south ramp has been completed, this area of ​​high-strength hydraulic concrete has 915 square meters, which only needs to place the drainage grates.

In the area known as the tunnel, 630 square meters of high-strength hydraulic concrete have already been cast, to form the bearing surface and reach the height determined in the overpass rehabilitation project.

This casting was carried out on the steel reinforcement and the stone material envelope with the geo-mesh placed on the full stone and on the new hermetic cistern.

Regarding the north ramp, the old bearing surface has already been demolished, the bases were formed and 915 square meters of geo-mesh were filled with stone material, the steel reinforcement is currently being built and then cast the surface bearing and the assembly and casting of the central ridge.

At the weekend, 568 square meters of reinforcement walls were already cast from this ramp, which will prevent water from leaking from the groundwater table to the overpass, thus the new hermetic cistern that will accumulate and eliminate the water that will it arrived by pluvial precipitation, they indicated.

So far 310 tons of steel, 375 cubic meters of stone material, 94 cubic meters of gravel and 2,939 cubic meters of concrete have entered the rehabilitation site, equivalent to 489 concrete pots.

In addition, complementary works are already being carried out on the access roads to the distributor as well as on the interior height signaling arches and repairs to the finish of the roundabout rolling surface.

As will be recalled, this work consists of raising the level of the lower lanes to 1.50 meters and preserving the upper lanes, adapting vehicle access to the roundabout.

The Public Works Directorate of the Mérida City Council, in coordination with the Yucatán College of Civil Engineers, keeps an eye on the work and carries out constant supervision at the rehabilitation site, verifying that the works are carried out in accordance with the indicated in the project.

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