World News: FBI busts the gang that robbed an Indian jewelry store in America, read important news – Hudson Institute said India has reached the top position globally. World News in Hindi | Pro IQRA News

World News: FBI busts the gang that robbed an Indian jewelry store in America, read important news – Hudson Institute said India has reached the top position globally.  World News in Hindi

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Hudson Institute said that India has reached the top position globally World News in Hindi

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The FBI has busted a violent gang. The gang used to commit robberies in Indian jewelery shops and showrooms in different states of America. The FBI has arrested more than a dozen gang suspects. According to foreign media reports, between January 2022 and January 2023, the gang targeted several Indian and South Asian jewelry stores including New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania. The FBI has so far arrested a total of 16 gang members.

India reached the top position globally

Experts say that India’s position at the global level has increased significantly and that the country is establishing itself as a country that brings other countries together. India will host the G-20 this week, the first time a South Asian country is hosting the summit, Aparna Pandey of the prestigious think tank Hudson Institute told PTI.

He said that for a long time India has been striving to achieve a high position on the global stage and hosting these summits is proof that India has reached that position. Pandey said that the year 2023 is India’s year as the world’s most populous and fastest growing economy has been in global limelight for more than nine months during this period. He said that by December 2022, India was the President of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). In January 2023, India convened the Global South Summit and in May 2023 participated in the G-7 and Quad summits in Japan.

India gained respect from other countries due to its inclusion in G-20

Romal Shetty, CEO, Deloitte (South Asia), said the focus on inclusion at the G-20 helped India gain respect from other countries. Digital infrastructure and efforts to bring the African Union into the grouping also helped, he said.

Romal Shetty said the Government of India’s decision to hold G-20 meetings in several cities has also helped in trade, tourism besides giving a boost to infrastructure development. Regarding the proposal to bring the African Union into the G-20, he said that Africa is a continent with one billion people.

Its inclusion in the G-20 will increase trade opportunities with Asia and the rest of the world. He said that one of the things that India has done is to bring Africa to the G20 or try to bring Africa. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said last week that Africa is our top priority in the G-20.

Nepal’s support to India to increase millet cultivation and consumption

Nepal’s Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Beduram Bhushal, has said that the Himalayan country is ready to cooperate with India to promote the cultivation and consumption of millets with high nutritional properties. Bhushal congratulated India for taking the lead in the millet campaign and named this grain ‘Shri Anna’. He also emphasized the potential health benefits of promoting millet as a staple food.

Nepal’s parliamentary committee will question the comments made by the Chinese envoy

The Committee on International Relations and Tourism under Nepal’s Lower House (House of Representatives) will question Foreign Minister NP Saud on Thursday following the anti-India remarks made by the Chinese ambassador to the country. There is a possibility that the foreign minister will not attend the meeting. Committee on International Relations Chairman Rajkishore Yadav confirmed that the code of conduct for foreign diplomats in Nepal will be discussed at the meeting.

The rapist who brutalized 45 teachers was arrested

The news of the rapist principal Irfan Ghafoor Memon’s brutality has emerged from the city of Karachi in Pakistan. He has been arrested for blackmailing and raping 45 women. Footage of numerous women was also found from his mobile phone, which was recorded on the school’s CCTV. Some cameras were secretly installed in the school, after recording which he used to blackmail the teachers. The investigation team also recovered 25 such short video clips from his mobile phone.