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Kolkata : Friday is dedicated to Maa Santoshi. Along with Lord Venus, Santoshi Mata and Vaibhavlakshmi Devi are also worshiped on this day. By observing the fast of Maa Santoshi on this day, a person gets the desired result and also Maa Santoshi maintains grace on her devotees. It is believed that all the troubles of a person who fasts with a sincere heart are removed. Along with fasting Maa Santoshi on Friday, it is also very important to recite her story. It is believed that the fast of Santoshi Mata is incomplete without reading the story. Do these things on this day – get up before sunrise. Clean the house and retire from bathing. – Establish an idol or picture of Santoshi Mata at a holy place in the house itself. Fill the entire worship material and pure water in a big vessel. – Fill the water filled vessel with jaggery and gram and keep another vessel. Worship Santoshi Mata according to the law. – After this listen to the story of Santoshi Maa. And distribute prasad of jaggery to everyone. – After this, sprinkle the water filled in the pot at home and pour the rest of the water on the Tulsi plant. – A total of 16 fasts are kept in this. Do the fasting on the last Friday. On the day of immersion, offer kheer-puri food to 8 children by worshiping Santoshi Mata by the above method and send them off by giving dakshina and banana prasad. Do not touch or eat only. – The offering of jaggery and gram should be eaten on your own.