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Yogi Jandhyala who saw pleasure in laughing!

Yogi Jandhyala who saw pleasure in laughing!

Jandhyala introduced the principle of laughter to the people, “Laughing is yoga వ్వ Laughing is pleasure… Laughing is not a disease”. Many lit up as writers by surname. Many of them have introduced favorite words. When the name of Jandhya is heard among such people, it seems that the Telugu people have been tortured. Second and foremost, Jandhya’s lyrical words and entertaining dinners directed by him all make us laugh out loud.

Jandhyala is his last name. His real name is Veeravenkata Durgasiva Subramanya Sastri. Jandhyala was born on January 14, 1951 in Narasapuram. Born in the house of scholars, he developed a love of literature at an early age. Read all the works of great poets in Telugu. He used to write and perform plays during his school days. His ‘Ek Din Ka Sultan’ has seen thousands of performances not only in Telugu but also in the surrounding states. The superstar got acquainted with the pumpkin during a drama show. At that time Pumpkin and Jandhya were suggested to try as a writer in movies. The pumpkin’s son who caught the reference wrote a song in ‘Punyabhoomi Kallu Terchindi’ starring as the hero. He later became a lyricist with the film ‘God Made Dolls’. Later, K. Vishwanath wrote lyrics for films like “Sirisirimuvva, Shankarabharanam, Sagarasangamam”. Also, the words uttered by Jandhyala in the films “Adaviramudu, Driver Ramudu, Vetagadu” were sprinkled on the lips of the people.

It is not an exaggeration to say that there are Telugus who do not chant the language contradictions served by Jandhyas. Pingali seems to have taken their tune but, Jandhyala Mark’s style of speech is different. Why not ask – “Listen to what history has to say” comes the analogy. There are many people who struggle and persecute for rhyme. But, Jandhyas possess the skill to make rhyming puzzles in any language, any accent. Bold jandhas who can create rhythm with words. If you want, go for a while with the phrases uttered by Jandhyala in ‘Vetagadu’ saying “East, paste, toast”. Go through that accent again and again and no fatigue will reach your doorstep. If the above is possible, it will make you go along with those phrases again.

Many writers wanted to mesmerize the masses with entertainment like ‘Vijayavari’. There is little to those who are impressed by such contributions. Jandhyala chose that way. Holding the megaphone, he first painted ‘Muddamandaram’. Later solo films were made. There are mind-boggling scenes in that script and in his writing. There are also castles of rattled words. Once you enter them, you will not want to come again. The forts continue to entertain the Telugus to this day, regardless of the cause of the victories. Ghatikude also appeared in the performance of Jandhya who entertained so much. K. Vishwanath has to pay attention to the way in which Jandhyala gave life to his imagination with his performance in ‘Apadbandhavudu’. The mind is constantly overflowing with bliss as we meditate on the genius of Jandyal, who is endowed with versatility. That is why scholars say – ‘Jandhyala means a boon to the Telugu people’. Aren’t you Those who are not look original!


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