You cannot live in a live-in relationship while you are married. | Pro IQRA News

You cannot live in a live-in relationship while you are married.

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New Delhi: The ability to live together without marriage does not mean that married people are free to have a live-in relationship while married, the Andhra Pradesh High Court said last week while dismissing a suit filed by a man who wanted his common-law partner. to be freed from their parents’ custody.

The division bench of Justices Ravi Nath Tilhari and BVLN Chakraborty was hearing the habeas corpus petition of a man who claimed that his partner, who is an adult in the eyes of the law, was illegally imprisoned by her parents.

Habeas Corpus is a legally available weapon in case someone is illegally detained or imprisoned. According to which the court orders that the detained person be brought before them.

Rejecting the plea, the court said it was not inclined to accede to the petitioner’s request as he was still married and such an order would be a “violation of the legitimate legal framework”.

The court said in its decision: “The right to live together without marriage should be understood as the right to live without marriage after reaching majority. They are not obliged to marry each other. But this does not mean living in extramarital, live-in relationships with others while the marriage continues.”

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