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A YouTuber has tested Apple’s claims for the durability of the Apple Watch Ultra by testing it with a drop test, a bottle of nails, and repeated blows with a hammer to test the sapphire crystal that protects the screen.

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TechRax, a popular channel for testing product durability, first tested the Apple Watch Ultra‌ by dropping it from a height of about four feet. The Apple Watch Ultra‌ is left largely unscratched, apart from a few minor dents along the titanium case. Next, the Apple Watch Ultra‌ was mixed in a nail jar and again left with no visible marks.

TechRax also tested the durability of the Apple Watch Ultra‌ sapphire crystal display cover by hitting it repeatedly with a hammer. In testing, the watch withstood repeated blows with a hammer until it finally cracked, and only after the table suffered some damage first.

While the Apple Watch Ultra‌ display did not initially suffer any damage, the watch failed to turn on after being hit repeatedly. Failure to turn on may indicate that while the sapphire may not break initially, some internal components may be damaged. Of course, this test is unrealistic in describing the typical use case of the Apple Watch Ultra‌, but it can give some customers some reassurance about the strength of the sapphire crystal display cover.

Apple claims the Apple Watch Ultra‌ is the most rugged, durable and extreme Apple Watch, apparently aiming to compete head-on with Garmin. In response to the Apple Watch Ultra‌, Garmin said it measures battery life in “months” and not “hours.” The Apple Watch Ultra‌ is priced at $799 and started arriving to customers on Friday.

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