Yucatecan happiness decreases, according to national survey

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The happiness of the Yucatecans is on the decline, according to the most recent Assessment of Happiness and Well-being, from Arias Consultants.

In the results of the August evaluation, recently released, Yucatán had a nine step fall and left the list of the 10 entities whose inhabitants have the highest perception of happiness in Mexico.

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Yucatán currently appears in the site number 11 In this evaluation, when the Yucatecans in the July ranking they were the second happiest inhabitants from the country.

The results emerge from the National Survey on Government Conditions in Mexico, that the survey house prepares monthly in the 32 entities to identify factors that influence the perception of the quality of life of the citizen.

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The three dimensions that this study measures are the perception of the happiness, the perception of quality of life and the perception of well-being of the population. They rose 15,635 surveys from August 27 to 31, 2021. According to the methodology, the margin of error is +/- 0.78 percent.

The state whose population shows the highest percentages of happiness is Hidalgo, where 69.1% of its inhabitants declare themselves happy. Second appears Durango (64.2%), followed by Tamaulipas (63.4%), Tlaxcala (62.7%) and Sinaloa (62.3%).

The perception of happiness of the Yucatecans falls, according to a survey by Arias Consultores

In this measure of happiness, the percentage of Yucatecans who consider themselves happy fell from 60.2% in July to 57.5% in August, in a behavior opposite to the national trend (The Mexican population that claims to be happy increased 1.1%).

Quintana Roo appears on the spot Eight among the states with the highest perception of happiness, as 59.5% of its inhabitants declare themselves happy. Campeche (52.9%) occupies the site 16.

The Yucatecans, the least happy on the Peninsula

In this measurement of happiness, Yucatan it also has the highest percentage of residents who openly manifest unhappy between the three states of the Peninsula.

The Assessment of Happiness and Well-being more recent indicates that 6.6% of Yucatecans say they are not happy, a percentage three times higher than the index of Campeche (2.1%) and 2.5 times higher than Quintana Roo (2.6%). In the previous evaluation – of the month of July – 3.7% of the Yucatecans interviewed declared not to be happy, that is, there was a 2.9 percentage point increase.

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The state whose population is perceived as the most unhappy, based on the study by Arias Consultores, is Zacatecas, with 12.2%, followed by Puebla (11.9%), and Veracruz, Chiapas and Morelos (tied at 11.8%).

The quality of life in Yucatán, “Regular”

Regarding the evaluation of the quality of life, Yucatán appear on step 26, since only 38.7% of Yucatecans consider it to be “Good”, index below the national average, which is 43.9%.

Quality of life in Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo according to a survey by Arias Consultores

55.6% of the Yucatecans participating in the Arias Consultores study believe that their quality of life is “Fair” and 5.7% openly declare that it is “Bad”.

Campeche and Quintana Roo occupy places 10 and 12 respectively: 52.4% of the campechanos says that their quality of life is “Good” and the 51.8% of Quintana Roo has that perception.

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