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“Because of me, there is not enough educational material. I didn’t get a bachelor’s degree, but I read 12,000 standard books.” – This comment is the heartbeat of the young generation of Zubin Garg. The Ka movement reacted to Pun Jubin’s post.

Jubin Garg attends the grand opening of Vrindavan Theater in Chandrapur on Monday. Heartthrob Zubin Garge opened the drama by cutting the ribbon on stage. Raja Charkari, MLA, Rupak Sharma and Digant Burman are present along with artists from the world of Assamese artists. Keibagaraki, young playwrights and directors are also present at the event.

At least Zubin Gargak said in response to a journalist’s question about Assam’s education sector: “Education is lacking because of me. Because the BA ladder is not done. But you have read 12 thousand standard books. Gati will have to push the ladder onto this field or anyone else.”

Calling everyone to watch Assamese cinema in front of theatres, a response to the release of Jubin’s Ka. “Ka” Andolan Lai Zubine Ka’le – there is support for “Ka” Andolan, although this time we will not participate in “Ka” Andolan.

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