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Declaration of paid leave for voters on election day

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Voters from other cities working in Delhi will also get off on election days, while voters from Delhi working in neighboring cities will get time off as per the election date.

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New Delhi: Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi P Krishnamurthy has taken a major step towards increasing voting percentage and participation in the electoral process and has introduced the Election Commission of India (ECI) order under Section 135B of the RP Act, 1951. employees in the National Capital Territory of Delhi have paid time off on election day. The polling day in the national capital Delhi for the Lok Sabha general elections is scheduled for 25 May 2024.

According to the regulation, all eligible employees, whether public or private, who are electors of the National Capital Territory of Delhi are entitled to leave with pay to exercise their democratic right to vote on election day. It was further informed that the electors of the neighboring states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan who work in Delhi will also get paid leave on the election day and similarly the electors of Delhi working in the neighboring cities will also get leave with pay according to their election date.

This initiative emphasizes the importance of electoral participation and the fundamental role of every citizen in supporting the electoral process. By providing paid leave, the ECI-led Delhi CEO is trying to ensure smooth participation among Delhiites and spread voter awareness.

Further, the employers of the concerned public, private or any other institution are required to follow the order so that the employees have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process without any hindrance. It should be noted that failure to comply with this order may be punishable by a fine under certain provisions. The Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi appealed to the young voters of the National Capital Territory of Delhi to use this opportunity to cast their votes on the election day.

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