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Just do one thing to stay young forever

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Staying healthy, energetic and young has always been the passion of almost every human being, they put in all sorts of efforts for it, but there is one thing you can do to stay away from old age for a long time.

However, some habits in our daily life speed up this process, but a few small changes in our diet and lifestyle can slow it down.

The study suggests that just feeling hungry can be enough to slow down aging, and that even the taste and smell of food can reverse the benefits of dieting.

Previous studies have conclusively found that calorie restriction can extend the lifespan of animals. A new study published in the journal Science reports that starvation alone can extend the lifespan of fruit flies

In their research, researchers from the University of Michigan in the US and others found that bees were starved by removing amino acid molecules from their diet or by activating the part of the brain that motivates them to eat.

Study co-author Scott Pletcher said: “We’ve overcome the nutritional theory that researchers have been working with for years to say that (extending life with dietary control) is not necessary.”

Research has found that the concept of not overeating leads to benefits such as prolonging life. Scientists have created hunger in bees in several ways.

In one procedure, they changed the amount of branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) molecules in the test snack and later allowed the flies to freely eat a buffet of yeast or sugary foods.

The researchers found that flies given the low-BCAA snack ate more of the fermented food than the sweet food at the buffet, compared to flies given the high BCAA.

The researchers explained that the yeast’s preference for sweets indicates a need-based appetite.

This behavior was not due to the caloric content of the low-BCAA snack, as the bees ate more food and gained more calories. The researchers also found that when the bees ate the low-BCAA diet, they lived significantly longer than flies fed the high-BCAA diet.

The researchers then activated nerve cells associated with hunger in the flies using red light. Flies that undergo this process eat twice as much food as other flies, and these flies also live significantly longer than control flies.

The study’s researchers concluded that “the demonstration of appetite relaxation to extend lifespan suggests that stimulating conditions alone may be sufficient to induce aging.”


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