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Unprotected solar eclipse watchers fear being seen

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Unprotected viewers of a total solar eclipse were afraid of vision and other eye diseases.

According to foreign media, on April 8, the first total solar eclipse of 2024 was seen in various countries around the world, which many saw with certainty and many without certainty.

According to reports, some people who watched the total solar eclipse without protection turned to doctors with complaints of discomfort and eye pain.

A female doctor in New York, USA said that the cases of eye problems have increased and she has been treating many patients with eye pain.

The doctor says that many patients came to me scared, saying that I don’t want to go blind.

“I couldn’t believe that people saw the solar eclipse without protection,” she said.

According to American media, people also searched the Internet for things related to eye problems after the solar eclipse.

According to foreign media, doctors and ophthalmologists repeatedly asked people not to look directly at the sun without protective equipment during the eclipse because it could seriously damage their eyesight, but some people did not comply with this request

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